Thrifty Low Cost Credit Crunch Barbecue Ideas

Whether the credit crunch barbecue becomes a style in its own right remains to be seen but just because there’s less money about, it doesn’t mean that you have to stop lighting the BBQ. There are loads of low cost barbecue ideas below that will help you keep outdoor cooking whatever the economic climate.

Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

Low cost starts with the make or buy decision and making your own sauces, rubs and marinades is a perfect way to start so the very fact that you’re using is fantastic!

Get Out Your Smoker

Typically smoking involves slow roasting using low temperatures for long periods of time. It’s well documented that this helps breakdown the collagen in the meat resulting in beautifully tender meal but what this means to you and me is that slow roasting in the smoker is a great way to prepare tasty food using the cheaper cuts of meat. Brisket being a classic example.

Inspect Your Drip Tray / Water Bath

No it’s not a joke. Keep an eye on what’s left over, reduce the liquid and taste. Could that be your next marinade? For more on this click here .

Recycle Charcoal

Get the most from your charcoal with the help of a basic garden riddle or even something from your kitchen sink.

Get The Most Out Of A Chicken

Don’t buy the chicken pieces, buy a whole chicken and cut it up yourself. After a bit of practice it’ll take you five minutes and not only will you save money, you’ve also got the carcass for making stock.

I usually disect a couple of chickens at once because then I've always got enough bagged up and frozen for whetever I'm cooking for the family ie. 4 thighs or a whole bag of drumsticks and wings.

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