Fennel BBQ Rub For A Taste Of Aniseed

Whether it’s chicken drumsticks, thighs or wings, the subtle taste of aniseed that comes with my fennel BBQ rub really makes it worth a try.

The inspiration for this rub came from a visit to a Tasca in a small ski resort in the Spanish Pyrenees, as with many rubs, it’s really easy to make yet adds a completely different complexion to your barbeque grill. I first tasted it on grilled chicken wings and click on this link if you want the full fennel grilled chicken wings recipe otherwise the try it on whatever you’re grilling tonight.

If you do choose to use it on chicken pieces then don’t feel that you have to skin the pieces first, in my view this works better with the skin on.

You can make up as much as you want just keep the ratio of the mix the same and you can’t go far wrong.

Image Fennel BBQ Rub

OK, so the picture doesn't look great but just wait til you taste it!

Yield:- ⅓ cup or 75g

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes
Cooking Time:- n/a

Total Time:- 10 minutes



Mix the fennel seeds and salt in a pestle and mortar gently grind the seeds up – the coarse ground sea salt helps break open the fennel seeds and that's all you want, you’re not looking to create a fine powder so don’t go overboard on the grinding.

Now throw in the dried thyme and that’s it, job done, you're ready to go.

TIP - Before applying in the rub, drizzle a little olive oil onto the meat to help it stick.

If you can, give the rub 30 minutes to really get into the flesh of the meat and then it's time to grill.

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