My Kamado Cooking Experience

Ive kept this review of my kamado cooking experience general however I have to say that it is based on the Big Green Egg that I own (and love). That said I've tried to be objective and offer constructive criticism of the product and kamados in general.

I thought that when I bought a kamado it would be the answer to all my problems. Some manufacturers do claim it to be the worlds best smoker and grill and they may be right but it doesn’t mean that the kamado doesn’t have its limitations. Having said that, overall I have to say that it’s a pretty excellent piece of kit and my kamado cooking experience so far has been pretty good.

I’ve done the traditional grilling, smoking and plank cooking and the results have been absolutely phenomenal in fact it’s exactly as described in the marketing brochure. But before you all get carried away and rush out and buy one, I thought it worthwhile jotting down some of the limitations to kamado cooking.

  1. It cooks best with the lid closed

    If you’re into active cooking like turning the chicken pieces or flipping burgers then it may not be for you. Generally you close the lid and let it get on with it and sometimes I find this a little frustrating. Then again without putting the lid on how would you get that supremely succulent result and excellent fuel economy.

  2. They’re round

    Obvious right? Just consider this if you’re into plank cooking on a grand scale. Rectangular planks don’t fit into a circular grill.

    Image Of Three Grill Dome Kamados

  3. The rim is not level with the grill plate

    This makes cooking on long skewers a bit of a nightmare. You can get away with bamboo skewers and turning them with tongs but long skewers turned by hand just doesn’t work.

  4. There’s no rotisserie!

Well they never said there was did they?

Having said all of the above I still find it the perfect solution for all year round cooking, an excellent hot smoker and when fired up to top temperature a superb tandoor. I’m not trying to put you off buying one because frankly I wouldn’t be without mine – it’s just to say that a kamado is not a panacea and for that reason I still have other barbecue equipment on standby.

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