Masterbuilt Smoker Prices And Review - M7P 7-in-1

Here then I am looking at the M7P 7-in-1 Smoker and Grill with Pan and Basket Set from the Masterbuilt Smoker stable. Exceptionally versatile, this outdoor smoker and grill allows for cooking in seven different ways. ‘How do I love thee, let me count the ways’(with apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning):

  1. Propane smoking
  2. Propane grilling
  3. Charcoal smoking
  4. Charcoal grilling
  5. Boiling or steaming
  6. Camp cooking
  7. Deep-frying.

Hmm. Bit of a cheat separating propane and charcoal as these are fuel types (frustrating also because it means that I can't categorize it with all my other reviews!) but hey five different functionalities still make this Masterbuilt smoker extremely versatile.

Masterbuilt Smoker M7P

The unit arrives with a modicum of assembly required, with ‘easy to follow assembly instructions’, you pretty quickly have before you something of beauty in the world of barbecues. Standing on its U-shaped legs (for improved stability) and a solid-steel 19-inch LP gas-cooker stand key features of this impressive smoker/grill/fryer include: a porcelain flame disk bowl, cast-iron burner (with a type-1 regulator and hose), temperature gauge and cool-touch handles.

A 10 ½ quart ‘aluminum pot’ with its sturdy flat base and loop side handles is designed to be extremely easy to clean. It is the ‘deep-frying basket’ with its convenient drain clip that gives you the ability to fry fish, french fries and the like (simply cook food in the pot then lift the basket to drain through the tiny drain holes).

A nice touch is the fact that the long-stemmed handle has a rubber-covered end that provides protection against the heat. A word of advice though from one customer who said: ‘Do not trust the thermometer that came with it. It is nowhere near precise’.

If I were you I would do as this otherwise satisfied customer suggests and purchase a ‘separate wireless thermometer that monitors the internal temperature of the smoker AND the temperature of what you are cooking’.

Ideal for camping, picnics, and cookouts with friends and family.

Where To Buy?

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Vital Statistics:-

  • Smoker and grill with 10-1/2-quart aluminum pot and basket
  • Size: approximately 18 by 18 by 26-1/2 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds
  • Uses propane or charcoal fuel
  • 10-1/2-quart aluminum pot and a basket
  • Porcelain flame disk bow
  • Solid-steel 19-inch LP gas-cooker stand
  • Cast-iron burner
  • Temperature gauge
  • Cool-touch handles for safety
  • 1-year limited warranty

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