Barbecue Sausage Grilling Tips

Barbecue sausages are one of my favorites on the grill and rather than recipes I thought that some sausage grilling tips wouldn’t go amiss. Especially if you’re new to the sport of BBQ then help is at hand for how to barbecue sausages, after all they’re one of the easiest things to prepare and yet it’s all too easy to get it wrong and end up with a burnt offering.

Always try to get the best quality sausages that you can. There’s no harm in there being a bit of rusk in there but the best sausages for flavor must have a good meat and fat content.

My favorites (Merguez - traditionally lamb with a good dose of harissa) are grilling away here. Other's that I seek out are Saucisse de Toulouse, and wonderful combination for pork, herbs and garlic and Cumberland Sausage, again pork with a good dose of pepper.

Sausage Grilling Tips For Flavor

Here Are My Daughters Cooking Merguez

  1. Keep the fat in the sausage and let it drip out naturally. Don’t prick them.
  2. Make sure that your sausages are fully wrapped in the skin. When you separate them always give the skin a twist to tighten the link before cutting with a sharp knife or scissors

Cooking Perfect Barbecue Sausages

Sausages are best cooked slowly so if you’re on charcoal, keep a good distance away from the heat until the coals have fully settled and be patient. Savor the experience of hearing the occasional sizzle as the fat drips into the coals and smoke rises to give your sausage that all important BBQ taste.

The meat cooks slowly in the gently mobilized fat to give the ultimate flavor and the skin browns gently. Too often have I seen black torpedoes, raw in the middle – enjoy the experience of slow cooking barbecue sausages and you will be rewarded.

The Perfect Breakfast Cooked By Steve

If I’m in a hurry (like at breakfast) then the gas grill is the order of the day and in this situation I use the hot plate because the burners (even on low) dictate that you have to be very nimble at turning so as not to end up with a cremation. Because there’s a combination of flavors at breakfast you don’t have to go for an expensive sausage with added herbs and spices – try a simple pork sausage and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


If you find that the skin on your sausages split then it might be time to change your supplier or take a step up in quality. It's so important for the sausage to cook in the fat inside it's casing (that's why it's a sausage!) but it is the the manufacturers that use cheap casings whose sausages split.

If you want to get the most out of your sausage, make sure that you have a decent supply.

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