Texas Spiced Rub Recipe

If you like it hot then my Texas spiced rub recipe is just what you need. It works particularly well on pork and will give your ribs a solid kick because it's packed with paprika and chili.

The recipe is one element of my Texas glazed ribs package but the rub stands up equally well on it's own. The sweetness of the sugar combined with the heat of the paprika and chili when heated forms a wonderfully colorful crust to your cookout. It's up you and if you're feeling adventurous feel free to vary the quantities slightly or add a favorite ingredient of your own.

I've chosen to use garlic salt in this recipe not just for the added flavour but I think that it adds more subtlety to any rub that you just don't get with straight salt. If you haven't got garlic salt and want to use traditional salt, cut the quantity by four otherwise your food will be overly salty and too much salt is not good for your health.

And the best bit about this rub recipe is that you have it made up in double quick time!

Yield:- 1 cup or 260g

Preparation Time:- 10 mins
Marinade Time:- 1 hour
Cooking Time:- n/a

Total Time:- 1 hour 10 minutes



Just throw all the ingredients into a pot or shaker and give it a thoroughly good mix.

Sprinkle it onto your ribs (or pork) and allow the rub one hour to penetrate and work it's magic. Assuming that you only leave it one hour there's no need to refrigerate as this hour will allow time for your meat to come up to room temperature which I think is always better for starting the cooking.

After the hour you're ready to grill or smoke....whatever your preference and dependent on what you are cooking.

Any rub left over can be stored in a air-tight jar for later use.

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