Free BBQ Clipart

BBQ Clipart or Barbecue Clip Art and does it actually matter how you spell it? Well to the barbeque enthusiast I guess not but it's important to ensure that you have something to put on the invitations to your next barbeque party.

If like me you’re nutty about BBQ’s and outdoor cooking in general than you’ll probably enjoy lacing your documents and presentations with a bit of barbecue clipart. They say that a picture speaks a thousand words and certainly with one of these images on your invitation it makes it pretty clear what sort of party you are throwing.

Kettle Barbecue
Outback BBQ Style

I first looked in the standard package that came with my computer and was dismayed to find that there’s not really anything there of consequence so I went further afield. So, jotted all over the page are some of my favourite BBQ clip art images and they're really easy to download.

It's interesting to note that even as barbecue cooking progresses in terms of the the amount and style of equipment that we use, the clipart remains with what I consider the most simple of traditional designs. I guess this just serves to highlight that it's the simple easy to understand images that best stimulate our emotions.

There's no copyright on these pieces of clipart so feel free to save them to your hard drive for future use. Dependent one your hardware and soft ware, here are some general instruction how to save them.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Right click on clipart with the mouse.
  2. Select from the menu window “save picture as”.
  3. Choose your folder where you want to save the clipart.
  4. Click “save”.


  1. Right click on clipart with the mouse.
  2. Select from the menu window “save as” option.
  3. Choose your folder where you want to save the clipart.
  4. Click “save”.


  1. Place your cursor over the clip art that you want to download.
  2. Hold down the mouse button until a menu screen pops up.
  3. Choose the appropriate selection from the menu.

If you’ve got a favourite that you’d like to share with everyone then just let me know and we can get it posted up.

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