Fathers Day Gifts And BBQ Menu Ideas

Is it Fathers Day gifts, recipe ideas or something else? It's interesting to watch volume of visitors returning to my website - and thanks for coming back!

The number of visitors continues to grow so I must be doing something right... right? What's more interesting though is to see the peaks and troughs that occur around certain dates.

One of those key dates is the days leading up to Fathers' Day. So what's the connection between fathers and barbecue?

It might be that we all want to treat our respective fathers on this day and cook him a special meal but I've got this sneaky feeling (don't ask me where it comes from!) that it's us fathers who just love BBQ.

Whether I'm right or wrong (or maybe it's a bit of both) here's my plan to make sure that your father feels special on his special day.

I think that one of the perfect Fathers Day gifts has to be a BBQ party because Father’s Day usually falls on the third weekend in June so the weather is ideal for a barbecue and what better than a barbecue theme to his present?

The date does vary around the world but in the majority of countries it is the third Sunday in June. The origins of the day can be traced back to a lady of Spokane, Washington who proposed the day in honour of her own father, a civil war veteran who had raised 6 children singled handed. She originally proposed June 5th (her father's birthday) as the date but official organizers of the day couldn't get ready in time so it was eventually help on the third Sunday in June and there it has been ever since.

Back to the plot, if you organise the Fathers Day party and get him a gift that relates to the grill, he’s going to be itching to try it so you get a meal cooked for you! – well maybe you’ll have to do the salad… and the table setting… and the washing up!

The secret to the BBQ is use the K.I.S.S. technique – Keep it simple…stupid. After all, he is a man so he’ll only be able to do one thing at once!

Here are some recipe and gift ideas to get you going...

Ideal recipes for an easy lunch and a lazy afternoon are:-



Mojo Potatoes

Greek Salad

Perfect little gifts to buy for your dad include:-

Novelty Aprons

Branding Irons To Brand Those Steaks!

Cleaning Tools

A New Set Of Cooking Utensils


Wood Chips

Better start planning now because the BBQ season’s starting to hot up!

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