09 Oct 2015

Pulled Chicken Suppliers UK

Que Fresco pulled chicken suppliers UK wide overnight delivery to the catering trade. Now in fresh pasteurised pouches.

Having started out making pulled pork, we then moved onto pulled beef, pulled ham hock and now pulled chicken. The market for pulled chicken is now on the march here in the UK proving very popular in the Tex Mex market, after all, chicken is the most popular meat consumed in the UK.

Northern Powerhouse Milkround

UK Wide Courier Service

Bulk Orders

Zero Waste!

We now supply our pulled chicken freshly chilled in vac sealed pouches of 1Kg:-

  1. 100% firm chicken, mix a 1Kg pouch of chicken with 1 litre of your favourite sauce and a standard 100g serving costs you just 60p or less.
  2. Fresh pasteurised pouch gives you a 4 week shelf life, you can freeze later so zero food wastage.
  3. Recyclable cardboard packaging - no polystyrene!
  4. Delivery is included in our prices - the price quoted is the price you pay.
  5. You can now order pulled chicken mixed with any of our other pulled meats.

And as with all our pulled meats, Que Fresco pulled chicken is 100% chicken, there's no added sauce so there's plenty of opportunity for you to create the right offering for your customers. We supply it as a blank canvas just lightly seasoned so you can add your own personality to our product whether that be a simple as a homemade barbecue sauce or something more elaborate such as a burrito or spring roll.

M62 Corridor Deliveries

The minimum order quantity using our milkround service is 4Kg and this can be a mix of any of our other pulled meats too. Prices start at just £8.95 / Kg with discounts for quantity, call Paul on 07814 500755 for more details and you can pay by card over the phone.

Our local refrigerated "milkround" service covers the following areas:

  • Monday – Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool Liverpool
  • Tuesday – Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Stoke On Trent, Leeds, Hull
  • Wednesday – No deliveries
  • Thursday – Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool Liverpool
  • Friday – Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Stoke On Trent, Leeds, Hull

Pulled Chicken Suppliers UK Wide Delivery

Bulk orders for pulled chicken are supplied throughout the UK using Igloo Thermo-Logistics as this guarantees the product arrives with you exactly as it left us.

We supply in carton quantities of 20 x 1Kg vac pouches. Shipping costs are expensive so we ask that you place a minimum order of 40Kg (2 cartons) and you can make up your order from with pulled pork, pulled beef and pulled ham hock too.

For more information please call Paul on 07814 500755 or complete the rapid response form below.

UK Courier Network

Smaller quantities of 4Kg & 16Kg carton quantities can be supplied, this system uses insulated boxes, frozen gel packs and an overnight parcel service to get your produce to you fresh and ready to use. 

Prices are:

  • 4Kg courier pack - £49.95 including delivery
  • 16Kg insulated carton - £149.95 including delivery

Call Paul on 07814 500755 for more details and you can pay by card over the phone.

Serving Pulled Chicken

Our pulled chicken is packed in a pasteurised vac sealed pouch and contains 1 Kg of pure cooked meat. Each pack will serve approximately 10 – 12 people and keeps fresh for 3 days once opened.

We find that the best way to serve our pulled chicken is straight onto the griddle to warm it through and then into the bread or wrap with lashings of sweet sticky barbecue sauce but it goes equally well spiced to suit the theme of your establishment.

We like to serve with salad leaves or lettuce, it’s a softer texture than our other pulled meats so we find that the easy crunch of iceberg lettuce balances the texture beautifully.

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