Independence Day BBQ Menu Ideas

If you’re looking for Independence Day BBQ menu ideas or barbecue related gifts then try my July 4th all American recipes. After all it would be a travesty in the height of summer not to get the barbecue going and enjoy a lazy afternoon and some great tasting food.

In order to make the day special but at the same time keep life easy make sure that you get good quality ingredients and choose recipes that can’t really go wrong. I’ve picked some slow roasting recipes for the main and then gone for simple starters that can be grilled quickly and easily whilst the main meal is resting.

For Your Appetizer:-

Atlantic Fresh Lobster - Exotic, expensive but easy to prepare and quick to impress.

Spicy Shrimps - Done in minutes and there's a couple of sauce options for you to try.

For The Main Course:-

Smoked Ribs - Succulent and seasonal with a plum sauce base to the glaze.

Pulled Pork - Long and slow will win the day.

Coleslaw - My wife's homemade recipe to complement your pulled pork offering.

For a bit of fun (and special thanks to James Harbaugh of Philadelphia, Ms. for this idea) why not try Turtle Burgers?

I guess that dessert has to be blueberry pie? Well if anyone knows how to barbecue a pie then let me know!

Gift Ideas

If you're thinking about what to buy your loved ones this Independence Day then click on the related links below and find some barbecue related presents together with the best options that I've found for buying on line.

Click Here to explore!

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