Smoked Game Recipes

The focus of my smoked game recipes is to maintain the moisture in the meat as well as that all important smoky flavor.

For example these pheasant breasts are wrapped in bacon (also known as larding).

Smoked Pheasant Breast In Bacon

I’m lucky in that I have friends and neighbors who are really into shooting so when the hunting season starts there’s game in abundance that’s ready for the smoker. Pheasant, Canada Goose and Wild Duck are all on the menu so if you’re into hunting and shooting then use these recipes to make the most out of your days sport.

Surviving in the wild means that these animals have to have their wits about them, hunt for food and avoid being hunted. For this reason wild animals get a lot more exercise than those reared for food therefore the muscular tissues are a lot more lean. It's this lack of fat that makes game need special attention to keep it moist during the cooking.

If you’ve never tried game then you’re in for a treat don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s tough – work through my recipes, prepare with either a brine or a marinade and you’ll produce succulent flavorful meat every time.

Smoked Duck Breast - marinated in an apple juice brine and lightly smoked.

Smoked Canada Goose Breast - Marinated overnight in soy sauce, brown sugar and molasses and then lightly smoked for a deliciously succulent result.

Smoked Pheasant Breast - Wrapped in bacon with a little fresh basil tucked in, when sliced it creates the best finger food this fall.

Smoked Venison Roast - Garlic infused and roasted in the kamado ceramic barbecue

If you’ve never barbecued into the fall then it’s time to get your patio lighting sorted out.

Where Do I Put These Recipes?

They're for the grill (and the rabbit is not really game) but I really couldn't think of a better place so here they are.

Grilled Rabbit - Rubbed with crushed Juniper berries and brown sugar.

Spit Roasted Venison Collops

Spit Roasted Venison - Rolled with sage and wrapped in crispy pancetta.

Grilled Venison Burgers - packed with redcurrant jelly for a delicious fruity twist.

Rotiserie Grilled Venison Recipe - spit roasted steaks inter layered with bacon and herbs.

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