Grilled Goat Recipes

This page covers ideas for grilled goat recipes together with a more general look at how to grill goat following on from my recipe for grilled goat chops.

Goat meat is usually produced from goat that is less than one year old and the best quality is usually referred to as “prime” and really the same rules apply to goat as they do to lamb. My favorite with lamb are shoulder, leg and chops when it comes to grilling.

It's a fantastic meat yet rarely is it available in the butcher where I live. Goat is extremely popular in other parts of the world, the closest to me is probably Spain and Portugal where they make some great stews but in my country it tends to be sold into the Asian community for use in curry.

Because of its rarety in my butcher's shop it tends to be expensive so this is one meat where I travel to find it. I'm lucky to live reasonably close to a number of thriving Halal butchers where goat is in abundance.

Tips For Grilling Goat

Your choice of goat for grilling should be tender, reasonably lean (with some fat marble but limited connective tissue). Although naturally tender you can use a marinade to further tenderize and choose relatively thin cuts so that you can give it the short sharp shock treatment of a hot barbecue grill.

More grilled goat recipes are on the way and in the meantime there's a couple of recipes here where I have used lamb but these are also ideal for substitution with goat.

Grilled Goat Chops

Butterflied Leg

Butterflied Shoulder

When grilling you can use an instant read thermometer to ensure the right level of doneness.

  • Medium Rare - 145°F or 62.8°C
  • Medium - 160°F or 71.1°C
  • Well Done – 170°F or 76.7°C

In addition, all the usual rules apply to preparing goat:-

  1. If marinading for any length of time, cover and use the refrigerator
  2. Bring the meat back up to room temperature before grilling, never grill straight from the refrigerator
  3. Grill over high heat to seal in the juices
  4. Turn with tongs to avoid puncturing the meat
  5. Allow the meat to rest for 5 or 10 minutes on a warm plate prior to cutting in so that the juices have time to settle

Grilling Goat On The Rotisserie

Using the rotisserie is a slow roasting process using a high level of dry heat so ideal cuts of meat will include a reasonable level of fat marbling and the other criterion is that the meat is nicely distributed (weight wise) to minimize the strain on the rotisserie motor.

Look for rolled and strung cuts of leg and shoulder.

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