Easy Barbecue Smoker Recipes And BBQ Grilling Tips

Easy barbecue smoker recipes, BBQ grilling tips and all the essential know how to help hone your pitmaster skills.

I'm Paul Yates and I'm sharing over 40 years experience of BBQ cooking, together with the help of my colleagues  Barbecue Smoker Recipes concentrates on answering your most important questions about BBQ cooking and equipment purchases. Packed with loads of tips from our readers - information hard to find anywhere else - it's these snippets that will take your smoker cooking and grilling to another level.

My site is updated regularly with new information either directly by me, my colleagues or from you via the BBQ forum.

Whether it's cooking or eating, whether it's today or way back in time when man first learned that cooking meat on a fire was good, BBQ to me is all about community and sharing...so join in and let me know what you think.

Maybe you can tell from this photo, I'm a BBQ chef, not a photographer!

Here's the other things that you need to know:

  1. I'm English. That means I approach some of my recipes from a different point of view to traditional American barbecue. That said, you'll still find all the usual favourites and it doesn't matter where in the globe you come from, all tips, techniques are backed up in science. In addition, you'll find all the quantities for my recipe ingredients are listed in both metric and imperial units.
  2. I run a barbecue catering business so I experience BBQ from all angles and if you want barbecue to be your business I'm more than happy to share.
  3. I also make and sell charcoal barbecues. I design charcoal barbecue grills and hand fabricate from stainless-steel. Having cooked on countless grills I know what works and I don't apologise for using only the materials we I are best...without compromise. You see examples of my BBQ products in the right hand column.

Meet The Team

Barbecue Smoker Recipes also features the advice, thoughts and contributions from a bank of seasoned BBQ experts:

Jon Davies - BBQ Catering Chef. Jon runs his own catering business and cooks his own style of European BBQ

Jason Latham - Head Chef at Manchester's Quarter House Beer & BBQ Smokehouse. Jason accolades include 2019 Champion "Game Of Tongs" Fire Cook Of The Year.

Malcolm Salmon - Founder of KCBS competition team "Tea & Brisket". Malcolm cooks outdoors almost every day in his BBQ shack containing 7 different outdoor grills and ovens

Martin Sviba - aka "Mr Sourdough". Martin is from Slovakia, he loves to bake bread on his ceramic kamado and what he doesn't know about sausage making ain't worth knowing!

How To Use Barbecue Smoker Recipes

  • If you have a specific barbecue question then use the search bar at the top of this (and every other) page. Your question may have been asked before and you'll find your answer in a matter of seconds. If you can't find what you are looking for then head for the BBQ forum.
  • For recipes use the left hand navigation bar (scroll down if on a mobile device). Each recipe is categorised by its main ingredient and from there each page is sectioned into BBQ smoker recipes and easy grilling recipes. You'll also find some kamado cooking recipes too because I cook on my Monolith kamado pretty much all the time.

"You are knowledgeable and provide great answers to a lot of the FAQs that most people just make assumptions about. I've never been able to smoke meat before but have always enjoyed it, this site provides a lot of good facts and information for the new smoker!" thanks,

Vegetarian Or Vegan?

My barbecue smoker recipes aren't just about meat either. Over the years I've learned that there are some fantastically flavour-some vegetarian and vegan dishes which are all the better for hint of smoke and the ceramic kamado is the perfect friend for any vegetarian or vegan who loves outdoor cooking.

To find out more, check out my kamado cooking section or go straight to the vegetarian and vegan recipes.

How You Can Help...

I need all the financial help that I can get to continue to reinvest in this barbecue information resource so the site makes money in a number of ways. You'll find pay per click advertising on some pages and product links to Amazon on other pages in addition to the sale of our custom hand built stainless steel charcoal barbecues and replacement stainless steel grills / cooking grates.

That's it, I won't resort to annoying pop ups or email sales campaigns. If you buy anything directly from me or indirectly through Amazon as a result of information that you found on this site then that's gotta be your decision but suffice to say I heartily thank you!

All the very best!


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