Offset American Smokers UK Manufactured

Michael makes offset American smokers UK manufactured using 3mm & 6mm solid steel. A state of the art reverse flow design, he brings the taste of true American back yard BBQ to your garden patio.

Que Fresco offset American smoker

Michael's offset American smokers will create that spectacle, talking point (and great barbecue food) whether you are a BBQ enthusiast at home or professional chef in the pub beer garden. This style of smoker is ideal for those who want to:

  • Create true American barbecue from a wood fire
  • Have a work of culinary art in your garden that will knock your friends and neighbours for six!
  • Cook large for parties, friends and family

At the end of the cookout, simply stoke the fire and keep warm as your evening outdoors draws to a close. With Michael's Tennessee model you can also grill over the embers in your firebox too.

Choose From 2 Sizes

Michael's offset American smokers UK range consists of two models. Both models feature:

  • 3mm painted solid steel construction, fully welded with heavy duty lids.
  • Stainless steel spring handles – they don't rust and stay cool during smoker use
  • 2 x removable stainless steel cooking grates in the cooking chamber
  • Sliding baffle plates give flexibility to evenly distribute heat
  • Dial thermometer gauge for accurate temperature readings in the food chamber
  • Dual access firebox with 6mm solid steel base, the side firebox door gives easy access for ash removal
  • Warming plate on top of firebox
  • Wood storage shelf under cooking chamber
  • Smokestack with damper control
  • Food chamber door counterweight for easier lifting
  • Stainless steel front shelf and mesh wood storage shelf
  • Wagon wheels with stainless steel wheel rims for manoeuvrability
  • Grease drain makes clean up hassle-free and prevents flare-ups
  • Burns wood, charcoal or a combination of both fuel sources

The “Kentucky” Smoker

Kentucky Offset Smoker


My smaller "Kentucky" unit consists of a 750mm food chamber (coupled to a 350mm firebox. Mounted centrally on the 500mm wide door is one of our thermometers. The 2 removable cooking grates in the main food chamber give a total cooking area of 700mm x 450mm.

External dimensions = 1150mm L x 700mm W x 1650mm H

The “Tennessee” Smoker

A new offset American smoker


The larger "Tennessee" smoker has a 1.25m long food chamber (internal cooking racks approx 1100mm x 450mm) coupled to a 600mm long firebox, perfect for bigger hunks of meat and longer cooking times.

Two thermometers are door mounted, one at each end of the cooking chamber to give you an accurate indication of oven temperature throughout the cooking chamber.

Your cooking area is further enhanced by a stainless steel grill in the firebox giving you the versatility to cook directly over your wood fire embers at the end of your cookout.

External dimensions = 2050mm L x 700mm W x 1650mm H

Stainless Steel Offset American Smokers

Michael also offers the basic Kentucky and Tennessee smoker design manufactured from stainless steel. Due to slight differences in raw material dimensions my stainless steel offset smoker is fabricated as follows:

  • Food chamber 1250mm in length fabricated from 3mm stainless steel.
  • Fire box 400mm in length fabricated from 6mm stainless steel.

The design is UK hand built without compromise, every component is professional standard stainless steel and will not rust.

Price: £6,995

Design Innovation

The smoker design is reverse flow to give you the best results. Heat from the fire box is channelled under steel plates along the bottom of the cooking chamber to the far end where it is then released to pass across the food and out of the smokestack.

This reverse flow design gives a more even distribution of heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber. Heat is radiated through the steel plates in a controlled manner and juices from the meats drip onto the plates, vaporise and so add to the flavour.

Moreover, this design also gives fuel efficiency for smoking smaller amounts, simply remove some of the steel plates along the bottom length of the cooking chamber and the heat only travels as far as you need before turning back to exit the smokestack.

Offset American Smokers UK Built For Quality & Longevity

Michael prides himself in making offset American smokers here in the UK. Every component is hand made and welded by Michael and that means no two smokers are exactly the same size. That said, if this is your first smoker purchase, it may well be your last, you won't burn through this firebox in a season.

All the stainless steel used is professional grade type 304, again built to last, it won't rust.

If you've researched the market you probably already know that you can buy a cheap small offset American smoker for significantly less than one of these. Tempted to buy a cheap one?

This is where an independent voice can help. Meathead Goldwyn runs the highest trafficked independent barbecue website in the world, read what he has to say about the difference between cheap offset smokers and real ones like ours made out of thick steel.

Once you've read his article Michael hopes that you'll want to buy one of his offset American smokers UK manufactured, to do so just complete the rapid response form below.

The offset firebox can be used as a grill too

Construction time is approximately 3 weeks from receipt of payment and of course if you want something non-standard he’ll be happy to price it up for you.

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