Grilled Seafood And Shellfish Recipes

These grilled seafood and shellfish recipes are so quick and easy to do, most can be prepared in under 30 minutes.

Plancha grilled crayfish

Seafood (or shellfish) can be divided into two different types:-

  1. Molluscs such as scallops, oysters and clams
  2. Crustaceans such as lobster, crab, crawfish, shrimps

Molluscs have soft bodies and live inside a shell and some molluscs (known as bivalves) have two shells (mussels, scallops clams etc). The only exception to this rule is cuttlefish, octopus and squid which again are molluscs but they don't have an exterior shell. These molluscs are known as cephalopods.

Crustaceans have hard external skeletons that are segmented to allow movement and all are sea fish with the exception of crayfish.

Generally speaking, seafood is all about hot and fast cooking, some can be cooked over the coals but more often than not a fire plate or plancha is the best piece of equipment to use.

Grilled Seafood Recipes:-

Grilled Lobster Recipes - Lightly grilled and topped with a subtle chili butter.

Barbecue Shrimp Appetizers - Skewered shrimps with options for four great drizzles.

Thai Grilled Shrimp Recipe - A quick recipe for a light lunch or salad that packs a punch.

Thai Marinated Grilled Shrimps - This one takes more time over a 30 minute Thai spiced marinade.

Barbeque Shrimp Salad - A twist on the classic prawn cocktail

Grilled Shrimp Kabobs

Shrimp Fruit Salad - Healthy, try it, it really works well.

Cajun Barbecue Shrimps - Quickly grilled in my traditional Cajun rub.

Easy Barbecue Scallops - Advice on how to cook scallops perfectly every time.

BBQ Scallops with Fennel - a very subtle aniseed flavor makes a beautiful complement to the delicate texture of the shellfish.

BBQ Scallop Salad - Supremely healthy, fruity with a balsamic vinaigrette.

Seafood Recipes Specially For The Hotplate Plancha Grill:-

Seared Freshwater Crayfish - Never mind the taste, the colours are fantastic too! OK so technically not seafood, but this is the best place for the recipe.

Grilled Garlic Shrimp Recipes - to make a great salad.

Grilled Scallop Recipes don't come any better than this salad with bacon.

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