Grilled Scallop BBQ Salad

My grilled scallop BBQ salad is supremely healthy and with the addition of strawberries, it’s full of color and fruity flavour too.

Sometimes it’s good to have a change from the tradition of lettuce tomato and cucumber and here is that change a plenty. Don't you just adore salads that not only taste good but look good too?

Look at the colors in this dish!

The fruit brings together myriad flavors, some sweet of course but also a certain sharpness from the citric acid. Combine this with fennel and vinaigrette and there’s plenty of flavors happening but not too strong to mask the subtlety of the scallops.

Learn more about the preparation of sea scallops.

Scallops take no time to cook at all, just 2 minutes on each side over high heat. Don't be tempted to "just make sure" and over-cook them, when fresh they're safe to eat raw so having them slightly under is better than over. Over cooked scallops turn chewy.

This recipe is best done on a gas grill or kamado because heat control is fundamental. The first is to grill fennel over medium heat and then you need to crank it up to do the scallops over high heat - preferably on the searing plate.

Serves:- 4 people

Preparation Time:- 10 minutes
Cooking Time:- 15 minutes

Total Time:- 25 minutes


  • 450g or 1lb fresh scallops (corals removed)
  • Fresh salad leaves (your choice)
  • 2 Oranges peeled and sliced
  • 110g or 4 oz strawberries
  • 2 kiwi fruit peeled and sliced
  • 2 fennel bulbs sliced
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the Vinaigrette

  • 4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
  • Juice of half a lemon


Over medium heat place the sliced fennel on the grill and brush with the vinaigrette. Grill for about 8 – 10 minutes until the fennel is translucent (and floppy) but take care not to burn it.

While the fennel is cooking you can build up the salad starting with the salad leaves and then the fruit to make a lovely colorful base.

Take the fennel off and add it to the salad. Now crank up the grill to high heat, spray with olive oil and place the scallops on, brush lightly with vinaigrette, sprinkle on a little salt and pepper and grill gently for 4 minutes turning them once.

Take care not to add too much vinaigrette to the scallops because you want the scallops to sear on the grill plate rather than boil which is what they will do if there's too much liquid.

When cooked transfer the scallops to the salad and serve immediately with a drizzle more vinaigrette over the top to add that glistening sheen.

If this wasn’t such a healthy grilled scallop BBQ salad I’d be tempted by an ice cold glass of Chablis or how about a spritzer to alleviate the guilt?

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