Barbecue Cookbooks -
Outdoor BBQ Menu Ideas

Why buy barbecue cookbooks when there are so many free recipes available on the internet?

Every chef has his or her own influences and experiences and it's important to soak that up, develop your individuality and create your own outdoor BBQ menu ideas. So in my view it's worth having a few books in your collection but no more and don't pay the earth for them.

I use Amazon and buy second hand because I can pick up the top BBQ chef's cookbooks at really cheap prices - check out the "best prices" on some of my selections below and you'll see what I mean. The option to buy new is still there of course because a new cookbook makes for a great affordable gift for any BBQ enthusiast.

If you want to buy or just browse further click on the book image and it'll take you direct into the Amazon website where you can read more reviews and make your choice.

Paul Kirk is a chef who has been barbecuing since the early 1980s, is unabashedly proud of his ability to make up a recipe in his head, never test it and win a contest with it. His guides to outdoor cooking will instill his confidence in readers, through a series of lessons on "what to bring to a barbecue cook-off," "controlling your fire" and "developing a grand champion mindset." Of course, if readers are just looking to host a casual backyard barbecue, they’ll find plenty of tips here, too. Kirk’s thorough treatment of barbecuing will enlighten aspiring barbecue champions and backyard gourmets alike.

Steven Raichlen focuses on creative techniques, his signature is when he puts a half full can of beer into the cavity of the a chicken which simultaneously steams the bird and holds it upright on the grill, allowing the skin to grow crisp. The original beer can chicken man!

Below are two others that I can highly recommend by Aaron Franklin & Bobby Flay respectively.

And finally there's a wild card that I'm going to throw in by Meathead Goldwyn. I haven't read this one but I have seen some of his writing and whilst I don't particularly agree with his hedonistic slant, the science of his commentary is sound and well presented.

The objective of my page is to provide additional information that is complementary to my website and enhances your cookout and BBQ research experience. I really hope that I've achieved it but if there are barbecue cookbooks out there that you really think should be up here then please complete the feedback box on one of my recipe pages and I'll be glad to take a look and add it to the list right here.

The same applies for any other suggestions that you may have that would enhance your visit to my site so please don't be backward in coming forward!

Above all - enjoy your BBQ smoker cookout!

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