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Tandoori Chicken Marinade Using Breast Meat

This tandoori chicken marinade is perfect for skinless breast. Marinate overnight and then slap it onto a hot grill.

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Grilled Chicken Fajitas For A Mexican BBQ: Quick And Easy

2018 Grilled Chicken Fajitas

Really quick and easy Mexican grilled chicken fajitas on the BBQ grill with this great spicy rub. It’s so simple to mix, rub it on the chicken and grill with some pepper and onion. There’s barely time to get the soured cream out of the refrigerator.

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Barbeque Shrimps Seafood Fruit Salad

This seafood fruit salad with barbeque shrimps is so versatile, you can do it as a healthy barbeque lunch, part of a range of tapas appetizers or simply as a side dish.

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Toad In The Hole In A Kamado Oven

It said in the instructions to my kamado that I could bake like an oven so toad in the hole has got to be possible, right? You bet it is and it tastes great too!

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How To Grill Corn Cobs

Discussing how to grill corn cob is a bit of a misnomer because what you’re actually doing is to steaming it. Here’s how to do it.

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Vegetarian Barbecue Idea: Bruschetta

This bruschetta barbecue idea is one of my vegetarian recipes and perfectly adapted for the bbq grill. With preparation in advance this is a really easy appetizer.

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BBQ Duck Recipes

It’s a fatty bird so the best BBQ duck recipes let the fat drain away during the cookout and the secret is to lightly score the skin.

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Easiest Grilled Garlic Shrimp Recipes Ever

The quickest and easiest grilled garlic shrimp recipes ever. Gambas a la plancha (if you're Spanish) or grilled tiger prawns.

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Plank Cooked Chicken With Chilli And Garlic

You can’t go wrong with this plank cooked chicken recipe. I’ve packed the breast with chilli and garlic and I'm cooking it in the barbecue smoker.

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Cointreau Marinade For Smoked Duck

Duck and orange is a classic combination so this Cointreau marinade is perfect preparation for smoked duck.

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Hot Smoked Mackerel Recipe

This hot smoked mackerel recipe blends easily ito either a salad or a dip. Once tried you'll never buy pre packed mackerel fillets again.

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Smoked Game Recipes Including Wild Duck, Pheasant & Goose

The focus of my smoked game recipes is to maintain the moisture in the meat as well as that all important smoky flavor. Pheasant, Canada Goose and Wild Duck are all on the menu.

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Spicy Grilled Tuna Steaks Rub

This spicy grilled tuna steaks rub is moistened up with a little olive oil and then seared on the hotplate, quick, easy and well worth the trouble of opening your spice drawer.

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Easy Grilled Fillet Steak Recipe With Bearnaise Sauce (Filet Mignon)

2018 Fillet Steak & Bearnaise Sauce

Easy grilled fillet steak with bearnaise sauce using a simple but effective marinade technique. You won't find a more tender filet mignon than this.

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Barbecue Goose Marinade Recipes

Two barbecue goose marinade recipes to die for together with the full instructions how to cook smoked goose to perfection.

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Barbecue Ham Recipes - Quick And Easy

These two easy barbecue ham recipes demonstrate two different techniques for cooking the ham. Which is the best?...You choose.

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Tasty Barbecue Christmas Recipe Ideas

If you're looking for tasty barbecue Christmas recipe ideas then you've come to the right place.

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Try Plank Cooking Turkey for Thanksgiving or Christmas

For Thanksgiving try plank cooking turkey and my first tip is to make sure you’re got a big cooking plank!

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Plancha Grilled Vegetables With Flatbreads And Pesto

Plancha Grilled Vegetables

Classic Italian antipasti: Plancha grilled vegetables with flatbreads and pesto. A light seasoning, a drizzle of olive oil and a warm evening, you could easily believe yourself to be in Italy

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Plank Roast Pork Recipe With White Wine Sauce

Put a drip tray in the barbecue for my plank roast pork recipe, collect the juices and use them to finish off a delicious wood flavoured white wine sauce.

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Homemade Pastrami Recipe

Two variations for a homemade pastrami recipe in terms of the cure ingredients but what is common to all pastrami recipes is that it must be smoked.

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Grilled Tuna Steak Recipe

Not only do the Thai flavors pack a punch in this grilled tuna steak recipe, the colors are magnificent too.

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How To Grill Steaks: My Easy Recipe Tips

Easy recipe tips for how to grill steaks like the professionals. Learn to feel when your steak is cooked and why resting after cooking is so important.

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Texas Smoked Brisket Recipe

2018 Texas Smoked Brisket

This Texas smoked brisket recipe needs a long marinade but the supremely moist and tender result makes it worth the wait. I’ve got a killer marinade that will ensure a moist, tender result and all you have to do is follow my simple guide for smoking brisket.

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Brine Recipes, Brining Tips, Solutions And Concentration Tables

The best brine recipes for turkey, chicken, and fish. What is brine, why it works. Brine concentration tables for making solutions.

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Hungarian Barbecue Pork Chop Recipe

This barbecue pork chop recipe is simply rubbed with paprika. When selecting your meat it should be pink, moist and the fat should be white.

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Barbeque Roast Beef – Indirect BBQ Cooking

This barbeque roast beef recipe is a good example of indirect BBQ cooking and perfect for the kamado, it's a a technique that will add a new dimension to your outdoor cooking skills

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Thanksgiving BBQ Turkey Recipe On A Kamado Barbecue

A delicious Thanksgiving BBQ turkey recipe that will guarantee the perfect barbecue weekend. The secret ingredient is a Kamado style grill and the rub of your choice.

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Cooking Barbecue Chicken on the Rotisserie Spit

diagram charcoal spit roast

My recipe tips for cooking barbecue chicken on the rotisserie or spit start with "cook two chickens at once" as this helps balance the weight and makes for even cooking.

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Easy Barbecue Turkey Recipes For The Smoker And Grill

Loads of easy barbecue turkey recipes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Smoked recipes and griled recipes too.

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Cooking Smoked Turkey

The biggest challenge when cooking smoked turkey is to ensure that it doesn't dry out and if there's one single tip that I can give then this is it. When your turkey is cooked let it rest for the same

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Thanksgiving Barbeque Menu Ideas

Sauce Cranberry

The obvious Thanksgiving barbeque menu ideas are going to involve Turkey but it’s also about what you cook with it that makes it such a special occasion.

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How To Seed A Chili

Here's how to seed a chili without burning your eyes or mouth. This BBQ Tip has been a revelation for me.

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How To Make Chicken Stock Taste Great

Learn how to make chicken stock with this easy recipe. You can freeze chicken stock and used to enhance many a dish at a later date

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Tips For Perfect Pork Crackling Every Time

4 top tips for perfect pork crackling first time and every time whether you're using a barbecue, spit roast or traditional oven

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How To Ripen Avocado Tip

Tips Avocado

My “ how to ripen avocado tip ” means neverpreparing guacamole again and finding that the avocado has the texture of wood.

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Smoker Temperature Control Using Air Vents

You can get perfect smoker temperature control by gently varying the apertures of the top and bottom air vents of your smoker.

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Smoker Water Bath

It’s not just about keeping meat moist. Using a smoker water bath helps temperature control and getting over the thermal plateau when smoking a pork butt.

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Beginners Guide To Barbecue & Smoking - A Glossary Of Terms

Direct Cooking Charcoal

The beginners guide to barbecue and smoking is here because we all have to learn. We don't become experts overnight so if you want to start grilling and smoking, start here.

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Learn How To Grill Shrimps And Prawns

Seafood Shrimp Anatomy

Learning how to grill shrimps or prawns is easy beacuase they are colour coded. Learn how to de-vein shrimp in preparation for grilling.

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Kamado Cauliflower Couscous With Roasted Vegetables

Cauliflower Couscous & Roasted Veggies

My kamado cauliflower couscous with roasted vegetables is a must if you love cooking on your ceramic grill, are vegetarian or vegan. Heat deflector stones in for indirect cooking, get your temperature up to 180°C (350°F) and all you need is a couple of roasting trays.

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Easy Keralan Lentil Dal Recipe Cooked In The Dutch Oven

Lentil Dal Recipe

My easy Keralan lentil dal recipe is as genuine authentic as it gets. I stayed on an organic farm about an hour inland from Cochin and the resident chef was good enough to share this receipe with me.

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Miso Marinated Mushrooms - Easy BBQ Canapé

Miso Mushrooms Close Up

Miso marinated mushrooms pack a flavour punch, they're really easy to prepare and make for the perfect BBQ canapé or appetiser to start any meal

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Plant Based Barbecue Recipes For Outdoor Chefs On A Vegan Diet

Vegetarian Aubergine & Corn

It's the 21st Century and plant based barbecue recipes have their place. It's certainly a different thought process to develop a vegan recipe but when the results taste this good... well, why not indeed?

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Grilled Goat Recipes: How To Grill Goat

2018 Goat Butterflied On Rack

This page covers ideas for grilled goat recipes together with a more general look at how to grill goat following on from my recipe for grilled goat chops.

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Marinated Grilled Lamb Chop Recipe

My marinated grilled lamb chop recipe comes packed with the simple fresh flavors of Italy and takes only minutes to prepare.

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Barbecue Lamb Provencale Recipe Indirectly Cooked

This barbecue lamb provencale recipe is indirectly cooked and is ideal for a kettle barbecue or kamado

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Barbecue Lamb Recipes For The Grill And Smoker

Lamb Anatomy USA

The best barbecue lamb recipes use leg or shoulder. Ask your butcher to butterfly (take the bone out) and you've got a great hunk of meat ready to grill.

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Skewered Barbecue Lamb Shish Kebab Recipe

This barbecue lamb shish kebab recipe uses long metal skewers rather than bamboo and it's important to add vegetables between the meat to allow the lamb to cook evenly.

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