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Grill Charms

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Grill Charms

Grill Charms close up.

Grill Charms™ bring a completely new dimension to outdoor entertaining, they are solid stainless steel charms (each about the size of a dime) with a serrated pin that you spear into your food before your start grilling.

The serration ensures that the charm stays on the food during the cooking process so there no chance that it will fall off during flipping. You use the charm to identify the food during the preparation stage so you can distinguish:-

  • Steaks cooked to individuals liking
  • Whether food is mild or spicy hot hot hot!
  • Individual items to avoid health or allergy issues

When you bring the food to the table, everyone can identify their food, grilled the way they like it by looking out for their Grill Charm (and you and I can relax knowing that everything is under control).

Grill Charms, the ultimate in unique grilling gifts.

A couple of years back, a friend of my wife brought us a party gift of wine glass charms. A different charm looped around the stem of each glass so that if you ever put down your glass, you know which one is yours. Grill Charms is the same great idea for party food, I just wish the idea had been mine!

There are four different collections to choose from so if you've been invited to a dinner party this holiday season use this link to place your order direct with the manufacturer and surprise your host with this hot new dinner party gift.

Branding Irons

Picture the scene - beef is on the menu and you’re doing a BBQ cookout for all the family. Everyone wants their steak cooked the way they want it and that happens to be just that bit different to the next person and so on. So how do you keep up? How do you make sure that everyone gets what they want and you manage to cook it to perfection?

Barbecue branding irons are the answer, they're a bit of fun, hardly expensive and easy to buy on the internet.

How Do You Use Branding Irons?

The basic branding iron has three letters:-

  • R = Rare
  • M = Medium
  • W = Well Done
Steak Branding Iron

Simply heat up the branding iron and brand each steak so that you can identify how well it’s cooked and then everyone gets what they want.

Today there are thousands of irons to choose from, some sports themed, college themed and you can customize too.

Please Keep Safe

You can have a lot of fun with branding irons but please do remember the irons will be heated to a very high temperature and once heated will stay HOT for a period of time. Always use appropriate precautions when handling after they have been heated and don’t put branding irons on surfaces that can be damaged by heat.

Keep hot branding irons out of reach and away from children or indeed anyone acting like a big kid.

BBQ Branding Iron

Novelty Barbecue Aprons

Barbecue aprons make excellent unique grilling gifts, typically they are all about novelty and most of them big up or send up the man who’s doing the cooking. Of course you can get a chef's BBQ apron if you want to convey the more professional look.

Why Do You Need An Apron?

Maybe you don't...but your Pa does! Because of the novelty value the main market is as a gift for a birthday or Father’s Day for example and if you buy over the internet then they’re not expensive either.

Stars and Stripes grill apron
Body builder physique bbq apron

For the nutty pitmaster I've put below a selection of pictures to give you some examples of the sort of things available and the level of humor. So if that’s tickled your chuckle button then what better way to surprise the man in your life than with unique grilling gifts such as a novelty BBQ apron. Click here to choose.

James Bond motif grill apron
BBQ apron "danger, dad on the grill"
Barbecue apron "Real Men Don't Use Recipes"

On a serious note, bbq aprons are actually a good idea and there are a couple of points to consider:-

  1. I like to have a pocket in my apron, I find it useful for keeping my instant read BBQ thermometer.
  2. Look for an apron with an adjustable holter neck. This is the band that you put over your head. You will naturally tie an apron around your waist at the point where it is most comfortable and the holter neck adjustment makes the apron comfortable to wear no matter what your height. If you are tall and your apron doesn't have a neck adjustment then the neck strap will be pulling down which at best will make you uncomfortable and at worst might give you back ache.

How To Wear Barbecue Aprons

I know what you're thinking, put it over your head and tie the waist ties around the middle...and you'd be right. But that isn't the neatest way to wear your apron, especially if you have a novelty one.

Once properly adjusted for your height, fix the apron around your waist first and let the top half hang down in front of you. Tie the waist ties where convenient and now lift the top half and put it over your head.

Do it this way and you now have the front of your apron on display and not scrunched up by the waist ties.

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