Tailgating Recipe Ideas And Menus

Menus and tailgating recipe ideas for the football season. They need to be fun, easy to grill and above all tasty! Many of my recipes below can be prepared a little in advance and that makes the whole tailgating event that much easier to cater for.

Special thanks to William F Yurasko for this tailgating picture

As someone of European origin it took me a while to get used to the idea of tailgating because the expression in UK English means something completely different.

If you were to ask an Englishman what tailgating is he would desribe somebody driving too close behind him at high speed on the motorway, something a million miles away from opening the tailgate in the stadium car park and enjoying a barbecue cookout ahead of the ball game.

Tailgating At The Superbowl

And as you can see in the picture above, it's not just the tailgate that gets opened, many come equipped with everything bar the kitchen sink (and some even bring that). There's seems to be a whole industry built around it.

So for tailgating recipe ideas the concept is keep it simple, use the grill but make best use of fresh ingredients to deliver something a million miles better than the pre-packed stuff in the supermarket.

Simplicity also applies to serving and eating too so I've got a load of finger food recipes for you, just check out out barbecue food appetizers, all of them are great on the grill.

Keep it simple with my grilled hamburger recipes, in addition to the recipes there's loads of information about how to make and grill the perfect hamburger. It's not difficult and once you've mastered the art it could be a game changer!

Finally we can't discuss tailgating recipe ideas at the sports stadium without mentioning the hot dog... or should that be the Brat? If want a quality sausage, something that's going to stand out from the crowd then either of the recipes below are easy to make and ideal for the grill.

Homemade Bratwurst Recipe - aka the Wisconsin sausage, this is the real deal.

Sausage Recipes For Tailgating

Homemade Bockwurst Recipe 

Great to serve with beans and with a right chilli kick is my chaurice sausage recipe.

Easy to pack, quick to grill and bursting with flavor, that has to be the order of the day and if you fancy something a little more sophisticated then prepare in advance and go for one of my barbecue rub recipes. Simply take your chosen spice mix in a shaker and when you get to the stadium, up end the shaker and liberally apply to a steak or a chicken breast.

If you're new to tailgate grilling check out my how to grill guide where you'll find all the tips and information to ensure that your first outdoor cooking event goes off perfectly.

Having said all of the above, I've just bought a little pizza oven so next time you come back to this page expect to find some pizza recipes too!

Above all.........enjoy the game!

Note: - The concept of having a picnic in the car park prior to a rugby match is starting to take off in the UK. I don't particularly like rugby but it is always worthwhile spending some time in the car park and seeing what's on the menu! 

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