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Oct 03, 2013
by: Joe

I have 2 cafeteria warmers that are insulated and we converted to smokers but I'm having problems with inconsistent cooking on my beef jerky. Don't know if I should trash them and buy a new smoker or those smokers have the same problem too I'm making 50 lbs in each smoker can any one help???

Jun 07, 2013
Gas Smoker fix's
by: Mike K

The newer version,which we have,has the saddle tap valve for "adjustable" gas flow control.However,I found that the gas burner assembly is rather a "rough" casting as well as coated in what we call High Heat Aluminum paint.My bruner would NOT burn a good BLUE flame BECAUSE of the poor casting of the parts along with the "paint"coating causing it to soot the bottom pan.Being in HVAC,I know a thing or 2 about "fire".I pulled the burner assy apart,1 screw,and used my wire brush on my bench grinder to clean/smooth it ALL off/up,reassy'd and it burns blue & true.I'm still a "rookie" at this smoking thing,but How can you "win" when the "device" is "wrong" to begin with.I'm still a work in progress but It's getting better.

Jul 08, 2010
Add Saddle Tap Valve?
by: Wade


If you're regulating the gas with the saddle tap valve, are you then running the pressure hose from the valve to the control knob on the pit?

I can't seem to think you now have 2 hoses using the saddle tap.



Dec 30, 2009
by: GARY

Jason... do you have the make and model valve you used? Also I read that it is a good idea to add thermometer at each grate level. What does anybody think?

Dec 02, 2009
Gas Smoker Temperature Control
by: Jason

Dear Paul,

After many a hours of trial and error I was able to fix my problem by adding a inline saddle tap valve into my regulator hose. I'm able to control the temp from 100 to 350 or higher no problem. I hope this is able to help someone else in the future. It's a very easy fix when it came down to it.

Sincerely, Jason.

P.S. keep up the good work, your site is a godsend!!!

Sep 11, 2009
Check Your Thermometer
by: MOFO

I would make sure your thermometer is accurate...

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