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Aug 08, 2012
Brinkman modifications
by: Anonymous

Brinkman tips
The smoker needs some modifications,
Drill some .250" holes in the charcoal area.
Use a small grate in the charcoal area to allow air under the coals and to allow the ash to drop.
Install an actual thermometer on top

Sep 05, 2011
vertical smoker
by: Anonymous

cant get smoker to hold heat , not real sure how to use the vents properly can some one help!!!!

Jan 08, 2011
The Best Solution
by: Anonymous

On another site someone linked to this:

The "Mr. Bar-B-Q Platinum Prestige Stainless-Steel 12-Inch Wok Topper" which fits into the Brinkmann upright smoker perfectly.

Take out the charcoal pan and put it into the bottom of the smoker to catch the ashes, then put the 'wok topper' in place of the charcoal/wood tray. It works GREAT!

Oct 18, 2010
need help
by: FlatIronChef

I just borrowed a Brinkman water smoker. No instructions....I am smoking a 10 lb pork Picnic Roast. Should I put the roast on the rack nearest the water pan, or on the top rack? Makes sense to me to put it on the bottom rack.

Thanks for any advice

Jerry, the FlatIronChef

Jun 01, 2010
charcoal won't stay lit
by: Anonymous

google tips for brinkman smokers and there is a great mod to help with this problem . I just got mine and will make this mod before using !!

May 12, 2010
Brinkmann Smoker Problem With Heat
by: Mac

I do have this model and after two frustrating attempts, I figured out the problem was a major design flaw. In the charcoal/wood basin, there is no place for the ashes to go and so your fire quickly goes out as it gets smothered by the collecion of ashes and lack of airflow. To fix this, I simply cut the bottom of the pan completly out and replaced it with a small metal grill you can get from any hardware or BBQ shop.

Next I placed and ash catcher UNDER that in the very bottom of the fire box. This gave me the air circulation I needed AND moved the ash out the way.

Side note, you also need to make sure the smoker is not over anything flamable as when you are adding more coal and wood... some hot embers may fall out. I simply placed a large metal baking sheet under the door to catch those and have had no problmes.

Aug 15, 2009
Maintaining Cooking Temperature
by: Anonymous

I always start with a large quantity of charcoal. When it turns gray I place the meat on the smoker and maintain the heat for the cooking duration by adding moist wood chips.

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