2018 Broil King Imperial Review

Following an intensive inspection and features review we've concluded that the Broil King Imperial is one of the top 3 gas grills on the 2018 market.

Broil King Imperial gas grill in black

Star Rating

★★★☆ - An excellent choice

Build Quality

Built in in North America the first thing to say about the Broil King Imperial is that it oozes goodness when it comes to the quality of manufacture and doesn't fall foul of the corners cut but lower cost Chinese manufacture.

It's been properly thought through using screws that cannot be over tightened, adjustable feet that are on rollers so you can be sure to be able to move it around your patio without worrying about any uneven ground.

Broil King Imperial cast stainless steel grill grates

The grill grates are cast stainless steel which gives you all the benefits of cast iron (good sear marks) coupled to the non corrosive and easy clean benefits of stainless steel.

Just one niggle and it's only a little one. Upon close scrutiny we found some fixings that were not stainless steel.

Non stainless steel locating screw in the Broil King Imperial

It's inevitable that the screws pictured in the image above will eventually rust. To be fair its a cottar pin that actually secures the burner in place but if you ever did lose the head of the screw through corrosion then you really have a problem. Such a low cost to put a stainless steel screw in and so really frustrating that Broil King decided to cut this corner.


The good news is that the amount of assembly required is absolutely minimal. Your Broil King Imperial arrives at your door fully assembled and on a pallet, all you need to do is take it off the pallet, add the side shelves and put the rotisserie into position.

Broil King Imperial Features

The first thing that springs to mind is that you want for nothing, it would appear that pretty much everything is included in the standard offering...

  • 6 dual flame burners
  • Real flame rotisserie burner to the rear
Broil King Imperial real flame rotisserie burner
  • Second hood creating a discrete "oven area"
  • Side burner and drawer
  • Stylish and practical condiment racks to the front
Broil King Imperial condiment rack in the drawer front
  • Internal and external lighting for late night cookouts

Open the front cabinet and you'll find space the gas bottle together with additional drawer space.

Inside the front cabinet of the Broil King Imperial

It might sound strange but the one thing I don't like is the "trendy" illumination around the burner knobs which I think makes the Imperial look too much like the cheaper (and inferior) Napoleon grills. I guess that's just a matter of taste.


You can find a detailed spec of the Broil King Imperial on the Broil King website.

The only additional remark I'm going to make is that I used the black Imperial but there also is a stainless steel "S" version. Interestingly both are priced the same at £3,299.95 and I'm a sucker for stainless steel. That said, the black does look still look the part.


This grill has pretty much everything that you're going to need whether you are new to grilling or a seasoned enthusiast. The £3,299.95 price tag may cause some to take a sharp intake of breath build quality together with extensive list of features make this one of our top three best value grills for 2018.

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