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Oct 05, 2019
This grille is terrible
by: Anonymous

I’ve had this thing since it was new. We should have held out a bit longer and got the updated model, but it probably would be just as bad with replacement parts. The original burners were brass, but they later switched to cheap cast iron for the replacements. They just don’t last. And despite there being a lifetime warranty on these burners, you still pay for shipping. Is it worth it when you have to replace them constantly regardless of how little you use them? Not really. You’re better off with a cheap throw away grill than an expensive throw away grill

May 13, 2019
Model 720-0163
by: Jim.

I purchased mine in 2006. Since then, I've been through at least 12 burners. Now it seems that they are no longer available even though they're supposed to have a lifetime warranty. I get a max of two, maybe three years out of them before the back end of the burner burns through causing a steady stream of fire coming up at the back of the burner.

Jul 27, 2017
Jenn-Air SS Gas Grill 720-0163 (Lowe's 18852)
by: Debby

I'm a day or two late....

Has this already been resolved or can I join the suit?


Dec 09, 2014
Jenn air gas grill Lowe's
by: Anonymous

Have the same problem with the grill. Count me in on class action law suit against Jenn air. I have other Jenn air appliances of same age that are very unreliable and very poor quality.

Aug 23, 2014
Jenn Air BBQ class action
by: Ngala

Having similar hassles with my BBQ - lost hairs on my arms several times now. This is the most overrated $1000 piece of junk. Should have bought Weber and saved myself a lot of frustration and possible injury. If you get this class action going, count me in

Jan 29, 2014
Jen Air SS Gas Grill
by: Ken Clark

Yep had the same problem with the gas line braking and gas fire explode from under the grill. Very lucky to not get hurt and able to turn gas off.

Now Jen Air and Lowes will no longer stand by the lifetime warrenty that came with the grill.

I would love to be part of a class action law suite.

Sep 12, 2013
lawsuit sounds good to me
by: kris santin

Count me in on a class action lawsuit for this stupid $1000 grill.

Mar 17, 2013
Flame in valve control box
by: Jay

The flame in the valve control is from the burner rusting on the inside of the burner. Take the burner our and vacuum or blow it out with a air compressor. If you shake the burner and hear some debris rattling around inside the burner it still it not totally cleaned out.

Propane has lots of moisture in it and causes the burner to rust from the inside. The rust debris blocks the propane from going into the burner and the flame pushes back into the control box.

The cast iron burners are low quality and rust easily, this cleaning should be done every 6 months. It is a great grill with cheap burners.

Jun 05, 2010
Jenn Air!!!

As I search the web for an answer to why my same model Jenn Air from Lowe's which was purchased but was not assembled yet at that store so I waited patiently for its assembly only to have Lowe's personnel come out from behind their curtain to say it was dented and would give me a $20 I believe not!!!!!!!!!!!!but since the deal was made they said there was one in the Lowe's 10 miles down the highway..............being a calm type of personality (off work) I went over to the other Lowe's where they asked for additional money due to the tax rate being higher in that county!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said NO.

Then as the bbq day was coming to an end and the tri tip was now broiler in the house......
They said they would deliver and it and the driver will set it up next day AM no day a truck shows up with a box and the driver says...."Senor I no no I just bring I no put together I no have tool..........(I spoke to him in Spanish after that hilarious statement!)
I called Lowe's and the store Manager shows up at my door (BALLSY MOVE ON HIS PART! NOW HE HAS TO DEAL WITH MY WIFE TOO) with his crew in 30 minutes.......opens the box, pulls it out, and IT HAS A HUGE CREASE ACROSS THE BOTTOM AND A BENT WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manager drops his head like a British Petroleum GM and says he will be right back and will make every right as to save his name and reputation.....(not Jenn Air)

1 hr later he shows up with another box and makes 1 good one BBQ out of 2 boxes......He did his job but now my Jenn Air LG hose does not engage and though it does not cook evenly (now I know why) being an old Boy Scout I just move the meat around.

But I cannot get the brass connector to engage from an "airgas" tank...but it to the old tank so I believe it is in the valve atop the tank...any ideas would help....oh and also once I pull the cap off the new tank the store questions why and I go through the same scenario with their response being the "deer in the headlights" look.

Please help if possible....Thanks Anthony

May 30, 2010
Fire in 720-0163 Gas Grill
by: Lou Orangeville, IL

When I recently lit my gas grill the first burner lit and as I was trying to light the second burner all of a sudden flames came from under the burner controls. I was able to jump back and avoid getting burned.

I then closed the lid and was able to open the propane tank door slide out the tank and turn it off. Without a quick response I could have been burned or caused damage to the house.

I cannot trust this grill in the future. Has anyone had this problem with this grill. Please be cautious if you have one.

Orangeville, IL

May 18, 2010
Class action lawsuit vs. Lowes
by: Anonymous

re: Jenn-Air grill 720-0163? Count me in.

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