Oven Plank Chicken

by d g

I'm wondering if I could put a whole chicken {beer butt} on a cedar plank in the oven. I don't want to intrude on my husband's domain - the grill.

I bought him these planks and he's never used them.

Is there any thing I would need to adjust for the longer roasting times needed for a whole chicken?


Oven plank chicken is perfectly fine. Using planks on a barbecue smoker is all about low temperature roasting and letting the moisture and flavour evaporate out of the plank. Plank cooking chicken it in the oven is exactly the same process but without the smoke.

For sure, you’ll still end up with a supremely succulent result and assuming you set your oven at the same temperature as the smoked chicken recipe then you’ll be absolutely fine.

A couple of points to remember:-

  1. Slow roasting a chicken will not deliver crispy skin so be prepared to discard the skin when serving.
  2. Make sure you put a drip tray under the plank. Not only will this save you making a mess of your oven, you might also get some oven plank chicken gravy as a result!

Roasting at lower temperature will take approximately 3 hours for a medium sized chicken and to check that it is cooked to perfection you need to be looking for an internal temperature of 180°F (82.2°C).

Note: - If you do want crispy skin then you will have to raise the cooking temperature to at least 300°F (148°C). You may not get quite such a moist result but if you've got a plank and a beer can then you've got every chance of making the perfect compromise.

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Aug 26, 2009
Nice blog
by: Beth

Nice blog. Enjoyed going through your blog. Like the way of cooking oven plank chicken. Beth www.iflorist.co.uk

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