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Sep 11, 2022
Water pan suggestion
by: Ken

When I do a brisket, I dump a bottle of Zinfandel fruit flavored wine in the water pan and top it up with water. In addition to the rub and the hickory chunks on the fire that I soaked overnight, I get a GREAT flavor.

Sep 04, 2017
Rusty Water Pan
by: Mike

I built my smoker with a built in water pan, consequently, it rusts after sitting without use for a long period of time. I never worry about the rusty water as I figure steam is nothing more than H2O. I've never noticed any off flavoring, but I was wanting to hear from someone else on the matter.

Paul says:
Hi Mike,
I'd also be interested in other views on this. Personally I've used a rusty pan before and never detected any adverse flavour reaction. I guess it's the same for a water pan that runs dry and starts to char and blacken. If this happens then the pan is acting pretty much like a baffle plate in a reverse flow smoker so I can't see any logical reason why you should be concerned.

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