Thueros T2 Pedestal Grill 2018 Review

The Thueros T2 pedestal grill justifiably jumps into my top 3 charcoal grills of the 2018 season.

Thueros T2 Pedestal Grill

Star Rating

 - As Thueros completes its 25th anniversary year they've been celebrating by offering a 25 year warranty on their grills too! 

Build Quality

It's a German design and manufactured to German quality standards in China and the result is excellent whilst remaining extremely price competitive.

Not the top grade stainless steel (type 430) I accept but it is stainless steel nonetheless making it easy to clean and keep it looking good.


It's a flat pack but a really simple design and build so even a DIY idiot like me was able to put it together in less than 30 minutes.

It's also pretty light so just a one person job to assemble


I cooked some chicken thigh on my test Thueros T2 pedestal grill to much success but before I wax lyrical about the results we need to be clear about a couple of points.

Grilling chicken on the Thuros T2 pedestal grill

The Thueros T2 pedestal grill is a small (350mm x 350mm) open fire grill and it does its job well, but don't expect the versatility for smoking or pizza or or... it's an open grill and nothing more.

That said, the air flow regulation through the base of the column allowed me to get the fire going with ease, moreover we had smoke, we had glowing coals and radiating heat, every bit of theatre that you'd expect from an open charcoal grill. Moreover the chicken thigh cooked evenly without flare up and produced an excellent char-grilled flavour so the bottom line is that it does exactly what it's supposed to and it does it well.

One last neat point for me was the removable ash tray in the bottom of the column which kept all the dirt that's inevitable with a charcoal grill contained on one spot. In addition all I needed to do was put some water in the tray, remove the charcoal grid, and the embers fell into the water and extinguished making it easy to kill the fire and transport. 

The ash pan on the Thueros T2 pedestal grill is easy to remove and empty

A couple of little niggles were:

  1. The height of the complete grill which was 740mm. For me (5ft 8") it wasn't too bad but I can imagine that for taller folk it could be a bit of a back breaker to bend over it whilst cooking.
  2. The four leg base to the pedestal while making it sturdy also made it difficult to site on uneven ground. Given that this grill is designed with travel and the beach in mind, I would have thought that a 3 legged stand would have been an obvious standard.


Here are the basic stats for the Thueros T2 pedestal grill:

  • High Quality German manufacture with 25 Year Guarantee
  • Made from rust proof V2A/4301 Stainless Steel (antimagnetic) 
  • Cooking Grate made from food-safe, electro-polished stainless steel 
  • 350mm x 350mm (13" x 13") Grilling Area  
  • Base dimensions 355mm x 355mm (14" x 14") 
  • Cooking Height 740mm (28") 


Sometimes charcoal grills get a bad rap for their lack of versatility when it comes to cooking styles but this grill is all about easy open fire cooking and embracing the theatre that comes with it.

Stainless steel construction, contemporary design, easy to move and all for £184.99, what's not to like?

Where To Buy A Thueros T2 Pedestal Grill

Our test model was provided by BBQ Land in Hitchin, Hertfordshire so if you're in the UK I recommend that you take a look at their store.

For international readers, use this button below:

Buy A Thueros Charcoal Grill on Amazon

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