Trailer Mounted Smokers

This page doesn't review trailer mounted smokers per se because all the guys making these big pieces of kit listed here know what they are doing.

  • They know how to design the flue to get air flow and heat
  • They know that thick metal (6mm or ¼ inch steel) is what’s required to radiate heat and give you a firebox built to last.
  • They know that reverse flow gives a more even temperature throughout the food chamber

Generally speaking, you’re not going to get a bad one. So how do you know which smoker is right for you?

A lot depends on the customizations that you want and how far you want to move away from the standard. When I had my first smoker made I wanted to see what was going on and check that everything was to my specification so proximity to the manufacturer and the relationship / understanding that I had with the guys who were building it was really important…and that’s why I ended up starting my own manufacturing of trailer mounted smokers!

For the reasons above you’ll find that in all cases these guys deal direct with their customers so use the links on the where to buy section and you’ll be able to easily access contact details.

American Built Trailer Mounted Smokers

Lang Smokers

There are plenty of clone Lang Smokers out there but accept no substitutes! Lang, under the leadership of Ben Lang, manufacture the original of what we all have come to love and know as the ‘reverse flow, off set-fire-box’ design.

I don’t have enough space here to review each unit in detail but take it from me the consensus is that they are ‘well worth the price tag’ - and you don’t have a prolonged wait whilst the company custom designs one for you. They are amongst the heaviest and most solid constructed of 1/4" plate steel makes it easier to hold the required temperature once attained throughout the length of the cooking chamber. Thus it ‘sears’ meat to absolute perfection. As a source of fuel wood is cheaper than charcoal and all model types are easy to clean and will last you years and years and years…

Lang BBQ Trailer

The extensive range of trailer mounted smokers includes:

  • Lang 36: Holds over 72 pounds of food (10 pound pork butts and two 16 pound briskets at the same time). Specially designed for the home smoker.
  • 48 Series: Actual Cooking Surface-6.30 Sq. Feet - original/ deluxe: / patio
  • 60 Series: Actual Cooking Surface-9.93 Sq. Feet - original/ deluxe
  • 84 Series: Actual Cooking Surface - 13.79 Sq.Feet - original/ deluxe/ deluxe with charcoal grill/ deluxe with wide body/ deluxe twin/ kitchen/ deluxe twin with charcoal grill/ tandem
  • 108 Series: Actual Cooking Surface - 23.62 Sq.Feet - original/ deluxe/ deluxe with charcoal grill/ kitchen/ tandem

Ideal for large gatherings of up to and in excess of 100 hungry people.

General Vital Statistics

  • Made from 1/4" rolled plate steel body
  • 1/4" plate drip and grease pan are all welded 3 piece construction
  • Fireboxes constructed of 1/4" plate steel.
  • Handles are 3/8" thick strong back.
  • Trailer is constructed of 3" channel iron
  • 13" aluminum wheels with heavy duty trailer tires.

Okelahoma Joe's

Smokey Joe’s Smokers (to give Oklahoma Joes Smokers range their formal title) have been custom building all types of smokers since 1987. Originally owned by Joe Quinton (hence the company name) of Nawata County in Northeastern Oklahoma (about 1 mile north of Tulsa for those who want to know where exactly) but sold to Joe Pearce (good job he had the same first name!), a former employee, in 1997.

Each of the trailer mounted smokers uses a top-feed ‘baffling’ system that completely separates the firebox from the cooking area. This means that the ‘baffle’ keeps any grease from getting into the firebox area thus eliminating any chance at all of ‘flash fire’ – a big no-no in the world of successful barbecue smoking. A big plus from this is that this system allows you to clean the cooking area without getting the firebox wet.

The ‘baffle’ works inasmuch as this system feeds the smoke into the top of the cooking area and then it has to spread and then descend to exit from the smoke stack (which is located slightly lower than the cooking racks). A ‘bubble’ effect is thus created. Which all-in-all means that our friends at Oklahoma Joes can guarantee that there won’t be any of those unwanted ‘hot spots’.

The company now custom build everything from (and I quote) ‘small tailgate smokers to patio smokers, rotisseries, commercial griddles, commercial charcoalers to the largest commercial trailer mounted smokers’. But they can of course boast that they produce ‘The Grandaddy’ of them all….

The Grandad

The ‘Grandad’ series dual-fuel charbroil grill range with cast iron grates and outside burner boasts two models – the Grandad itself and the Great Grandad. Both are constructed of stainless steel. The latter in addition to its 72 sq. feet cooking area has an optional third rack that takes this to 108 sq. feet. The oven space can also be expanded from 36 sq. feet to 48 by the addition of an optional fourth rack.

The ‘Grandad’ series dual-fuel charbroil grill range

The Grandad can expand to 60 sq. feet (from 54) of cooking space with the addition of a third set of ‘pull-out’ racks.

Both of these Oklahoma Joe's trailer mounted smokers are counter-weighted so that the doors open and close easily. They also each have a propane fire starter in the firebox.

Ideal for large scale commercial smoking.

It might be beneficial to consider buying the optional canopy top with ‘fold out’ flap to further increase the life of what has to be considered a serious purchase in anybody’s book.

Where To Buy?

Buy direct. Here's the link to their website.

Vital Statistics

Great Grandad

  • 72 sq feet of cooking space
  • 36 sq. inches of oven space
  • Tandem axle trailer with 3500 lb axles
  • Built of 3/8 inch thick steel
  • Full length cutting board
  • Storage Box: 48” x 24”
  • Aluminum tread plate with propane rack


  • 54 sq feet of cooking space
  • 36 sq. inches of oven space
  • Tandem axle trailer with 3500 lb axles
  • Built of 3/8 inch thick steel
  • Full length cutting board
  • Storage Box: 48” x 24”
  • Aluminum tread plate with propane rack

The Caterer And The Hog

The Caterer has some nice touches built into its design. For example the double slide-out tray in each of its double doors, the 3 slide-out trays in the top of the oven (complete with hanging racks and meat hooks) and the two-zone heating that has separate controls for the oven.

The single door Hog also has a slide-out tray, 3 slide-out trays in the oven and two-zone heating that has separate controls for the oven.

Vital Statistics

The Caterer

The Caterer

  • Size: 30 x 8
  • Double doors with slide-out trays
  • 24” x 36” oven with 3 slide-out trays, hanging racks & meat hooks
  • Separate oven controls
  • Full roof with 4 foot fold out flap
  • Propane Rack
  • Storage box
  • Trailer with 15” tires
  • 3500 lbs axle with 2” ball

The Hog

  • Size: 30 x 8
  • Single door with slide-out tray
  • 24” x 36” oven with 3 slide-out trays, hanging racks & meat hooks
  • Separate oven controls
  • Full roof with 4 foot fold out flap
  • Propane Rack
  • Storage box
  • Trailer with 15” tires
  • 3500 lbs axle with 2” ball

Stumps Trailer Mounted Smokers

Walter ‘Stump’ McDowell’s hobby has become a full time job. Having spent 20 years ‘on the circuit’ there wasn’t much that this man didn’t know about smoker barbecuing. Not finding the right oven for what he wanted ‘Stump’ set out to build his own – without any formal training in engineering or design.

“I love to learn new things and I don’t mind a challenge,” says our hero. Having worked in the heating and air industry he used this knowledge to design a diffuser plate that would distribute heat from the firebox evenly throughout the chamber. Ten years on (and doubtless much sweat, tears and sleepless nights) and Stump finally developed a gravity charcoal-feeding system and airtight box with extra insulation that minimizes heat loss and maximizes temperature control.

Stumps Trailer Mounted Smoker

These trailer mounted smokers all feature Stumps ‘reverse flow’ design, stand on a heavy duty trailer frame with 14” or 15” radial tires and come with a towing light kit.

Note that the firebox for each model can be insulated for $500 Extra

I have to say that I do grimace at Stumps Smokers sales slogan ‘STUMP DON’T BUILD NO JUNK’! Surely they could have come up with something better than that when you "produce some of the finest trailer mounted smokers and grills in the market today".

Vital Statistics

Stump’s 3x4 (Reverse Flow) Offset Cooker

  • Cooker Area: top: 15 ½” x 40 ¼”, middle: 21” x 40 ¼”, bottom: 27 ¼” x 40 ¼”
  • Insulated Cook Chamber Door
  • Storage Area
  • Dual Fish Cookers
  • Drip Pan with Built in drain

Stump’s 3x5 Cooker(Standard Edition)

  • Cooking Area: top: 27 ¼” x 64”, middle: 33 ¼” x 64”, bottom: 39” x 64
  • Insulated Cook Chamber Door
  • Storage Area
  • Dual Fish Cookers
  • Drip Pan with Built in drain

Stump’s 3x5 Cooker(Premium Edition)

  • Cooking Area: top: 27 ¼” x 64”, middle: 33 ¼” x 64”, bottom: 39” x 64”
  • Insulated Cook Chamber Door
  • Large Storage Area
  • Dual Fish Cookers
  • Smoker/Warming Box
  • Drip Pan with Built in drain

Stump’s Stretch Trailer (Standard Package)

  • Cooker Details: Depth with thermometer 34” inches, Width with ball valve 54-1/2“ inches
  • Internal Cooking Space: Height 20-1/4” inches, Depth 23” inches, Width 32” inches with 5 racks - 32”W. x 22 1/2”D.
  • 4” deep full size stainless grease pan;
  • D-rings;
  • Holds approximately 15 lbs of briquettes;
  • Large Storage Area
  • Super-Duty Axle
  • Trailer Size: 7 feet wide x 9 feet long

Where To Buy Your Stumps Smoker

It won't come as any surprise that to buy a large piece of kit like this you need to contact the manufacturer directly.

European Built Trailer Mounted Smokers

Que Fresco

It’s me, Paul, who runs this business as well as writing my barbecue website. As far as I’m aware we are the only manufacturer of trailer mounted smokers in the UK. We started our business for that very simple reason and we’ve researched and experimented with a number of designs before coming up with what we believe is the best core design.

The Que Fresco range

We’ve learnt from our American friends and associates what makes a good offset trailer smoker and ensured that our design reflects that. We manufacture in Lancashire, England and from our base specification we’re happy to customise our unit to your specification and ship anywhere in Europe.

Use this link to find out more about Que Fresco American commercial smokers UK made.

BBQ Mates

These guys make their smokers in Lithuania and from there they are distributed to other European countries.

On the face of it, they look like a tidy reverse flow unit however it has to be noted that they are using 4mm steel for the fire box and 3mm for the food chamber. This is thinner than the standard used by us and all American manufacturers. This has to affect performance and fuel consumption because the thinner the steel, the less heat is absorbed and held within the metal. It may not be such a big deal if you’re cooking in Summer in Central Europe but here in Northern Europe I have reservations.

Not surprisingly, thinner materials translates into a slightly cheaper price but ultimately you get what you pay for.

BBQ Mates have now relocated to Alicante, Spain.

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