Wood, Charcoal & Gas Barbecue Fuel Help

Your barbecue fuel help starts here. Whether you are on wood, charcoal, gas or still deciding, you can do a lot worse than browse your way through all the questions below.

If the answer to your question isn't here or you find a question rushing into your mind as you read on the don't worry, you can ask a question here .

I attempt to answer all the questions using my 20+ years of BBQ experience but even I'm still learning and don't know the answer to everything. If I can, I'll do some research to help you because if you want to know, then for sure there will be another fellow out there dying to know the answer to your very same question. And if I can't answer it? Well there's loads of great BBQ aficionados all over the world reading the Q+A's so we'll get an answer to you somehow (thanks guys!).

Questions About Barbecue Fuel And Wood Chips

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