Traditional Cumberland Sausage Ring

This page on the traditional Cumberland sausage ring isn't really a recipe it's simply a style of presentation that works just as well for the common or garden sausage just as it does for the Cumberland sausage - it's a practical way to cook a long large sausage.

Sausages are an absolute BBQ staple that trying a different way to cook and present a sausage is the order of the day.

This is great way to present barbecue sausage

The Cumberland sausage is classically British made with roughly chopped meat and lots of pepper. Many British sausages contain a lot of stuffing (breadcrumbs and rusk for example) but this shouldn't be the case with the Cumberland sausage. Also it is traditionally coiled (not linked), sold by length and because it's not linked you can cook it as a ring.

Note:- - I'm not saying no additional stuffing, just limited. I've found that whenever I've made my own sausages it's important to have some well soaked rusk in there otherwise the sausage is too firm which makes it difficult to cut and more chewy.

The best way to present it and cook it is as a ring and to do that you need a couple of pre-soaked bamboo skewers. Coil the sausage up and then truss it as you can see in the picture above.

Ok so normally I wouldn't be recommending that anyone puncture the skin of their sausages prior to cooking because this only lets the fat drip out and the inside of the sausage will dry out quickly.

Trussing the sausage makes it easy to flip and because it is a thick sausage with a large cross section the impact of the punture is minimal, especially on the internal part of the coil. Once you've cooked it on one side it'll have a lot more structure to it and a pair of tongs will do nicely for the job. To actually place the sausage on the grill you may find the easiest option is to use your hands.

So it's easier to turn, that's for sure but there is one caveat in that because your sausage is trussed you can only effectively cook it on two sides (rather than 4 if you see what I mean). This means that to ensure your sausage is cooked through you must be careful not to have your coals too hot, cook it gently and to be fair, sausage is best cooked slowly anyway.

I gave this traditional Cumberland sausage ring about 20 minutes gently on each side.

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