Turkey Brine Recipes

How many turkey brine recipes are there? Well of course there the basic brine but remember that brine is here to add flavor as well as tenderize and moisturize your bird so there really is no end to the ingredients that you can put in.

The foundation to any brine is salt, it is the salt that denatures the protein sheaths in the muscle fibers and it's this dematuring that helps the muscles retain more moisture during the cooking.

Salt also acts as a flavor enhancer but brining also offers the opportunity to add so much more flavor using herbs and spices so if you've never done I really recommend that you give it a go.

Remember that you can read the essential process for how to brine a turkey right here so that you get the most out of the wet curing ingredients that you choose.

The exact time that you brine is dependent on the strength of the brine and the weight of your turkey so make sure that you adjust accordingly. I would however recommend that when you first start brining, err on the side of caution, use a weak brine (15% or less) and brine for less time otherwise you might end up with a salty taste that might not be to everyone's taste.

Generally speaking I prefer to brine overnight or for 24 hours as a maximum and you'll find that each recipe below has a recommendation for you.

Use this link for more info about how long to brine turkey.

Note that with the addition of a little curing salt you can also make a great turkey ham and despite the fact that it's not technically a brine I've included it for interest in the turkey brine recipes below.

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  1. Use a plastic tub or bucket for brine rather than anything metallic - salt and metal doesn't mix
  2. Make sure that your turkey is fully immersed in the brine, including the cavity of the bird. I always brine breast side down and immerse the bird neck end first so that you minimize the chance of an air pocket forming in the cavity.
  3. You still need to refrigerate during the brining process. Despite the fact that salt is a natural preservative it will not prevent your meat from spoiling.
  4. When you've finished brining, drain and pat your bird dry then return it to the refrigerator for 24 hours before smoking

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