Orion Cooker Smoker

by Mike Eitelgeorge
(Riverside, Ca)

Orion Cooker-Smokers use briquettes around the outside to heat the inside. The drip pan sits inside with a ring of "chips" around the inside next to the outside and smoulders from the briquettes directly outside.

My daughter gave me one for Christmas and I have only used it 2 times. The drip pan adds steam & flavoring (if juice is used) so the cooker parts cooks like a convection oven. This allows for a 3 lb tri tip to cook in about 1-1/2 hours and a 20 lb turkey in about 2 3/4 hours.

The meat turns out so juicy & tender that you would have thought a pro cooked it.

For ribs, tri tips, etc I finish them off on the barbecue grill, for about 10 minutes, just to give it the outside texture that you get with the grill.

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Feb 21, 2021
Awesome cooker
by: Jason

I have bought and used so many types of smokers, from offset to Bradley's,that I am really impressed how juicy and tender the ribs are with so little work. I get it that there isn't the smoke ring from a 6 hour smoke ,but in an hour and 15 I get some pretty darn smoky, tender and incredibly juicy ribs.

May 25, 2018
A Real No Brainer
by: Barry

Best smoker that I've ever used. I've had mine for over 8 yeas now and have smoked in it a couple/three
times a month. Like the man said "Set it and forget it". Ribs, turkeys, prime rib, and everything else that can be smoked comes out perfect every time.

Jan 08, 2012
Southern/Cuban BBQ king.
by: Bill

My oldest daughter told her little sister she was buying me this and her sister said, "Dad has his Weber and will not use any other type grill". I was ready to return it w/o using until my daughter guilted me into trying it.

Originally being from Chicago, I'd never even heard of the pork cut called Boston Butt Roast. A minute after we took the pork roast out and tasted it my wife said, "You have to make this again."

Anyway I start pulling the pork about 20 minutes after taking it out. Prior to that time, I take red pepper, green pepper, sweet onion and five cloves of a garlic and finely chop them and saute them very lightly in olive oil.

Once all the pork is pulled and I have pulled a bit of the fat off, I take a generic Kraft BBQ sauce, and the sauted ingredients and "kneed" them into the meat. Not a lot of BBQ, just enough to give it color, and if anyone wants to put Salt Lick BBQ sauce, or a favorite on their portion they can.

The folks at church think it is better than the Havana Inn, a restautnat here famous for BBQ!

I have done the beef, and want to do the turkey but don't like injecting butter into meat. Someone post fish recipes...oh and if you get the coal hot first, cut your cooking time by at 30 minutes.

Dec 14, 2011
Recipe Book
by: Rebecca

TONY: I printed the recipe book off the website. good luck! Just like they all say, its the best cooker ever. My husband does all the outdoor cooking and has never failed with the Orion!

Nov 17, 2011
Family Tradition!
by: Wil Heinly

Have used the Orion Cooker for Thanksgiving & Christmas dinner every year for the past 5 years. The holidays wouldn't be the same without it. It has become a tradition. Going to try venison in it this year. Best turkeys & hams I have ever ate!! Great ribs too! You can't mess up a meal with an Orion Cooker.

Jun 19, 2011
Back again
by: Dale

I posted before how fantastic this cooker is. Well I did 6 racks of ribs for a a get together to honor a friends wife who past @ 47 from cancer last winter.

I am not a rib man and never have cooked them before. Beyond words to the outcome is an understatement. Made a rub from the cooker site and seasoned them one hour before cooking. 1hr 30 min later it was heaven on earth and in I swear 15 minutes all 6 racks were gone. I was patted on the back so many times my arm hurt. Several strangers invited me to do cookouts for them. I was extremely flattered and so pleased with my unit. Ribs are now on my menu :>)

Jun 15, 2011
by: Dale

Have used this jem for 3 years now. Mostly turkey, fish, chicken. I rate it 10 stars. Just a blast to use and company have never seen one before. Makes it even more fun to have others over. Cooks a lot of food. Not for the nightly dinner. This is a party machine.

Mar 05, 2011
Can't Miss Cooking
by: Larry

I've owned my Orion Cooker for three years now and it is the best outdoor cooker I have ever owned.

I have been BBQ'ing since I was a kid. For a 60 year old that's a lot of pits, smokers and any other outdoor cooking contraption that you could ever imagine. I've cooked chicken, ribs, pork roast, beef roast, duck, turkey on the Orion. The food is always juicy and perfectly cooked.

If you are an outdoor chef and love the rave reviews of your weekend dinner guests, the Orion is the cooker for you. Fill it. Light it. Forget it. Its the perfect combination of steam, convection and smoke cooking.

Nov 24, 2010
My smoker
by: VoodooG

I've had it for about 5 years now and I still love it. Makes Thanksgiving Turkey a no brainer and ribs and chicken so tender they fall off the bone. Basically it's good grub made EZ. Buy one. You won't regret it.

Nov 24, 2010
Super Company and Smoker
by: Jimmy Gallman

Love my smoker! Customer service is top notch! I get volunteered to cook the turkey every year. Handiest thing I've ever owned.

Nov 24, 2010
This is the best
by: Mark from Warwick

This is the best cooking device ever created by man. You have not tasted turkey until you've had one smoked in the Orion smoker. And it is so easy to use. Skip the deep fryer - buy this puppy.

Nov 23, 2010
Always Amazing......
by: RayRay

I've cooked many briskets and ribs on the Orion, and as always it's just amazing.

I found an amazing recipe for smoked brisket on foodnetwork.com. It's called "Emeril's Texas style smoked brisket". I've made this 4 times and it's just beautiful. Follow this recipe, it is a little spicy, but its very flavorable.

Also, you need to make the BBQ sauce that is at the bottom of Emerils recipe on that webpage, that's where the meat turns into pure bliss. It is a sweet and tangy/mustardy sauce that compliments the brisket sooooo... well.

Also, for the gentleman asking about a turkey recipe, if you have the Orion booklet with the cooking times, there are recipes in the backof the book.

Last Thanksgiving I made "Grandpa Fitz's" turkey, it's incredible. Happy Thanksgiving....

Nov 22, 2010
Best thing I have ever used.
by: Chris Cassia

My girl friend bought me the Orion cooker for my birthday and so far we cooked rabbit which fell off the bones (used chicken time) brisket, chicken and just did three racks of ribs. You couldn't ask for a better cooker. Just like it says LOAD it FIRE it and FORGET it. Thanks.

Nov 22, 2010
lost recipe book
by: tony

Can anyone tell me how to get a copy of orion cookbook that came with the cooker, thanks tone

Nov 21, 2010
Smoke Turkey
by: Josh W

I was wondering if Doug you could shoot me an email with your receipe and how big of a turkey you used. I have a 20lb one for this year and want to use hickory and apple chips. Anyone with a great receipe please email me at prdddyx2@yahoo.com subject line Turkey. Thanks in advance.

Nov 20, 2010
Great for Turkey
by: Doug

This will be my 3rd Thanksgiving using my Orion. It's amazing how smooth the process is and cleanup is only the drip tray. Line it with foil and it's pretty simple. Our turkey is always moist and very flavorful with apple or cherry woods. Can't wait for another bird this year.

Nov 05, 2010


Jul 29, 2010
Best Ribs In Orion Cooker
by: Anonymous

The Orion cooker is one of the best methods for making ribs, especially if you are not a master griller or you haven't hours to spend fussing over them. Wash the ribs, sprinkle some dry rub on them and pop them into the cooker for 90 minutes give or take.

Some of the best I have ever had.

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