Ceramic Kamado Joe Grill Review 2018

The Kamado Joe grill is a well established brand within the growth market of ceramic barbecues and smokers.

Kamado Joe Grill

Star Rating

★★★ - I'm a big ceramic barbecue fan. I've been cooking on one for many years now (all year round) and I still marvel at how easy it is to control the temperature when smoking, how fast it is to heat up ready for grilling and how versatile it is even as an oven. Not to mention that even with all this flexibility I still get the fun of playing with a traditional charcoal fire.

In terms of cooking quality the Kamado Joe is right up there compared to the other top brands (Monolith, Primo & Big Green Egg). I just feel that they've lost their way what used to be a great value brand.

The Basics

Kamado Joe is an American brand that is manufactured in China but that doesn't make it a cheap Chinese import. Far from it, the quality of these ceramic grills is excellent and fully justifies it's brand position as one of the top four kamado brands globally.

The other ceramic grill brands (with the exception of USA built Primo) are manufactured in low cost countries. Monolith also in China and Big Green Egg in Mexico.

Note:- There are a lot of "cheap Chinese imports" of lower quality entering the market. These brands are mostly made in one factory in China and are easily recognized by a lid shock absorber at the front by the handle. My experience is that these generally tend to have weaker hinges (detectable by the amount of lateral travel) and are to be avoided.

Back to the Kamado Joe grill; from a ceramic perspective, the basic components are the same as any other recognized brand in that there is a base and a lid, internally there is a ceramic firebox and sitting on top of that is the ceramic fire ring. Recent innovations include the 5 piece firebox.

The Kamado Joe firebox is split into 5 segments

Splitting the firebox into five discrete pieces allows plenty of room for thermal expansion so minimising the risk of a crack forming. 


The Kamado Joe grill is available in three sizes and can be compared to the Monolith and Big Green Egg as follows:

  1. Junior - 13 inch cooking grate diameter, directly equivalent to the Monolith Junior and the mini Big Green Egg. Good for singles and couples.
  2. Classic - 18 inch cooking grate diameter, directly equivalent to the Monolith Classic and the large Big Green Egg. (The Primo kamado grill diameter is 18.5 inches). The family size with room to spare.
  3. Big Joe - 23 inch diameter cooking grate, directly equivalent to the Monolith LeChef and similar to the XL Big Green Egg. Ideal size for larger groups and those who love to entertain.

The Junior is the most basic model and an excellent entry level into kamado cooking and you'll find many top chefs using this size in their laboratory kitchens. The Kamado Joe junior includes a neat stand (looks a bit like a plant pot stand) that just raises the grill high enough off your outdoor kitchen work surface. Big Green Egg Minimax offers a similar solution whereas Monolith give you all or nothing, a standalone system on 3 ceramic feet or a full blown stand so that you don't need to place your Junior on a work top.

Upon close scrutiny it's clear that the Kamado Joe Junior is basic, it doesn't come with any of the Monolith refinements (charcoal basket and smoke pellet feed) and it also lacks accessories compared to both Big Geen Egg and Monolith. That said if you want the most basic of ceramic grills then financially speaking the Junior is hard to beat.

When it comes to the Classic and Big Joe then there are some significant changes to the Kamado Joe grill this year. I'll cover these later but first let's walk through those features that are standard to all Joes.

The Kamado Joe Grill Compared To Big Green Egg & Monolith

Since it's launch the Kamado Joe grill has changed significantly. Some great innovations should have prevented Big Green Egg from resting on its laurels but they've rested on them all the same!.

Most importantly, the Kamado Joe Grill includes the heat deflector stones in the basic price which are essential if you are going to make the most out of the versatility offered by any of the top branded ceramic grills. The heat deflector stone is what transforms your ceramic barbecue into a convection oven and therefore allows you to hot smoke, roast, bake and cook pizza.

It's a single heat deflector stone in the Junior and split into two half moon stones in the Classic and Big Joe which allows your the opportunity to cook with both direct heat and indirect (convection) heat at the same time. Kamado Joe have coined the phrase "divide and conquer" for this split deflector stone whereas the pragmatic German Monolith describe it as a split heat deflector stone (yawn).

Note: Big Green Egg don't have a name for this system because they don't do it. They have a single solid stone self proclaimed "convEGGtor" which gives all the same versatility in cooking styles but doesn't give you that flexibility to do both at the same time. Moreover the convEGGtor is available at extra cost!

This split heat deflector stone used to be the exclusive feature of the Primo Oval and for me the single biggest reason why I've always been so positive about Primo. Now that Monolith and Kamado Joe have innovated with the split heat deflector stones in a round kamado I have to say that it makes me question why I'd want to buy an oval given the significant extra expense.

Internal cooking grates are top quality type 304 stainless steel yet the outer components are sadly just painted steel which eventually will rust.

Painted steel banding on a kamado grillThis kamado is 10 years old

Let's be clear, painted steel banding is fit for purpose, it certainly will meet the warranty claim but 10 years down the line it won't look so as good as it did on day one. When you think that a ceramic grill is a purchase for life then I'd prefer (more expensive) stainless steel. Admittedly, Kamado Joe do provide a more expensive option for stainless steel but why can't it be standard?

The Kamado Joe grill now comes in just the one brick red colour which you will either love of hate.

Kamado Joe Ash Pan

Back to the good things unique to Kamado Joe and here is the ash pan. This is a neat idea, the firebox is tapered to channel ash into an ash pan in the bottom which you can easily remove and empty. You must however remember to empty it after each cook and note that it doesn't capture any ash that drops between the firebox and the base.

One innovation I don't like is the move away from wooden side shelves to HDPE, from a distance they look good but they don't feel the same. I guess it's been done to control cost and maintain the competitive price point and the same applies to the stand which looks like a plant pot stand. There's no denying that the price point is competitive but is it a step too far?

The image below helps make the Kamado Joe / Monolith comparison.

Kamado Joe versus Monolith Classic

Kamado Joe Classic II

Whilst the original Classic still remains on the market, the Classic Kamado Joe grill has spawned a premium priced brother named the Classic II and frankly I remain to be convinced why I'd want to part with the extra £250 and buy this second generation model.

There are two significant changes over the regular Kamado Joe grill and the first of these is a move away from the cast iron daisy wheel to an aluminium rain cap.

Kamado Joe Rain Cap

The argument is that the old daisy wheel would allow moisture ingress if used when raining whereas the rain cap prevents this...it would have to be one hell of a rain storm before you'd notice the difference. The more significant benefit to me is that your aperture setting won't change when you lift the lid which can happen with the cast iron daisy wheel. 

The second innovation (and where most of the extra cost lies) is in a counterbalance hinge for the mid sized Classic and larger Big Joe. First impressions are WOW, you can lift the lid with your little finger! But upon closer inspection I think that there is a serious design flaw.

Take the tried and tested approach that we've seen on ceramic barbecues for years and we have a heavy lid with a felt gasket which creates a robust air seal. This air seal is vital to the control of the airflow from bottom to top and therefore good temperature regulation.

The Kamado Joe counterbalance hinge however takes a different mechanical approach.

Kamado Joe Counterbalance Hinge

Because the counterbalance hinge takes little effort to lift and close, it doesn't have the weight of the lid behind it to create the necessary air seal between the lid and the base.

Kamado Joe have effectively reversed the mechanics by making the gasket thicker and giving it a more spongy texture.

Kamado Joe Counterbalance Hinge And New Gasket

You then seal the lid by pushing down and snapping a catch at the front of the kamado. It all sounds fine but I found an immediate problem.

The new thicker spongy gasket didn't have enough "give" in it and I couldn't close the front catch so I couldn't create an effective air seal between the base and the lid.

If this had been a real fire situation there would no doubt have been smoke billowing through the gasket, I'd have no control of my fire and I wouldn't have achieved that all important air seal that gives a kamado it's unique benefit of less evaporation of moisture from the food.

Kamado Joe Front Catch

My immediate thought was that this would maybe ease in with a bit of use but that then made me wonder what happens as the gasket gradually softens and gets thinner (as they do with time), does that mean I'll have a gap all the time between the lid and the base because there's no mechanical weight in the lid?

In addition, when the rotisserie is inserted, you can't use the catch to create the seal. Funnily enough, last time I saw a Joetisserie in action it was on a Monolith.

Note: Upon testing two Classic II Kamado Joe grills recently (November 2017) I found that the lid didn't stay in position on the first and the second also suffered from the same problem mentioned above.

My opinion is that Kamado Joe have solved a problem that didn't exist. It would appear that Kamado Joe aren't convinced either because they've now announced the continuation of the old Classic to run alongside this new Classic II.

One final point to make is that these innovations for 2017 aren't without cost and it's now clear that the KJ guys have put the price up much closer to the Big Green Egg.

Innovations For 2018

There's nothing new in the range this year.


The Kamado Joe grill has always been price pointed competitively. Quality, innovation and a good range of accessories has justifiably kept this brand up in the top 4 and streets ahead of the low cost end of the market but whether the hinge on the Classic and Big Joe represent good value for money is open to question. Certainly the old model performed extremely well versus the competition.

Based on the solid quality, value bundle and new BBQ Guru edition my 2018 best kamado grill of the year is the Monolith

Where To Buy A Kamado Joe Grill

The European distributor for the Kamado Joe grill is Grakka Ltd and they sell direct to the public on Amazon. Use this link:

Click here to buy a Kamado Joe Classic Grill

Grakka is based in the UK and you can find out more through the Kamado Joe UK website

For international readers you too can buy direct from Kamado Joe through Amazon, use this link below:

Click here to buy a Kamado Joe from Amazon

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