Thanksgiving Barbeque Menu Ideas For That Special Occasion

The obvious Thanksgiving barbeque menu ideas are going to involve Turkey but it’s also about what you cook with it that makes the day. It’s such a special occasion that it’s worth planning and of course you can be safe in the knowledge that these recipes actually work.

If you’re into smoking then it’s got to be the whole turkey and remember to get it under 13 pounds, any more than this and you’ll find it difficult to guarantee the result. The great benefit of doing the main meat on the smoker is that once finished you can set it aside and quickly flash and tasty starter on the grill. This makes for a great meal but takes the pressure off the chef especially if the starter is as quickly cooked as seafood.

Before we go to the appetizers, you'll need to brine your turkey and I've got a multitude of turkey brine recipes for you.

For Your Appetizer:-

Lime Drizzled Shrimps

Seared Scallops

For The Main:-

Traditional Smoked Turkey

Turkey With Sweet Chili Rub

Cranberry Barbecue Sauce

Or for something a bit different how about Smoked Goose?

For Dessert:-

Woodalnd Fruit - The Greatest Of All Grilled Fruit Recipes And Perfect For This Time Of Year

If you haven’t got a smoker and want to grill some turkey then it is possible to cook just a lobe of breast .

All that’s needed now is a glass of wine to wish you good health and a Happy Holiday!

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