Greek Menu Ideas For The BBQ Grill

To help you theme your next barbeque here are some Greek menu ideas for the BBQ grill. Don’t forget to buy some cheap white crockery just in case your guests get right into the swing of things and start dancing to the Bouzouki music and smashing the plates!

Greek menu ideas on the charcoal grill

Greece is a beautiful country with a tremendous variety of terrain. Lot’s of islands with delightful whitewashed fishing villages make for fantastic fresh fish and then there’s the mainland where typical animal farming is pig, lamb and goat. The results shine through in some tasty kebabs and wonderful feta cheese on your Greek salad.

It's not to everyone's taste but you usually find that Greek food is generally served lukewarm so if you're ever in Greece, don't be surprised. I'm not so sure about this practice in deepest darkest Winter but I can see how it would work well on a hot summer evening.

What’s perfect about Greek cookery in general though is that so much of it is traditionally cooked on a charcoal grill!

Dips that are great with a stick of celery:-

Tzaziki - Strips of cucumber in olive oil, garlic and yogurt. Supremely refreshing.

Hummus - Chick peas and a hint of chili.

Baba Ghanoush - A smoked eggplant (aubergine) salad

Before the main course:-

Greek Salad - Easy to prepare and yet so distinctive, you'll love it.

And then to finish off:-

Fish - Lightly grilled and sprinkled with herbs.

Souvlaki - Get some skewers on to soak for these delicious pork kebabs.

Lamb Kofte - Ground lamb patties with parsley.

Lamb Kebabs Marinade - Fantastic for making kebabs.

Pitta Bread - The perfect envelope for any of the kebabs above. Or just rip it up and dip!

The secret to good Greek food (and something that will be needed for all these recipes) is plenty of extra virgin olive oil so make sure that you stock up!

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