Brinkmann Vertical Gas Smokers Temperature Control

by Jason

I'm having problems with my brinkmann vertical gas smokers temperature control, can anyone help?

I bought a new Brinkmann vertical gas smoker and followed instructions for the break in period.

The problem is that the temp went up to 400/425 degrees yet the damn thing was on low with my gas only cracked open. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get it cooler say around 225 degrees? It doesn't have any shut able air vent.

Thank you for your time,

From Paul


I've never cooked on a Brinkmann gas smoker so I'll do two things:-

1. Contact Brinkmann and let's see if we can get you an answer
2. Throw it open to the floor - can anyone out there help?

Scroll down to see what answers you've got.....

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Brinkmann Vertical Smoker Tips

by Yjuania
(Arvada, CO, USA)

I have a Brinkmann vertical smoker and I cannot get the charcoal to stay lit long enough to cook the meat. I find myself adding more charcoal every two or so hours. I used Kingsford charcoal (not the quickstart kind) and wrap my small packet of wood chips on top. Last time I left them all night and the next morning the meat was not done and the charcoal was cold and ashed over. Please advise.


Well there's nothing wrong with your choice of charcoal.

I've never used the Brinkmann model that you have so I thought that for the ultimate Brinkmann vertical smoker tips I'd best talk to my contact at Brinkmann and here's what he had to say:-

"In regards to that smoker it is best to use a wood/charcoal combination, as this will add much more heat as well as keep the charcoal better lit in the pan. You need to make sure to be using the air vent dampers as stated in the owner's manual to ensure they are cooking how the smoker is designed for this too may cause the issue you've been having. I hope this has been helpful to you, and please don't hesitate if you have any further questions."

So that's what brinkmann had to say but scroll down and there's great content from our readers.

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Brinkmann Grill 1 yr Old And Rusting

by Scott Larsen
(Theresa,WI 53091)

Our Brinkmann grill is approx. a year old and starting to rust (it looks like the burner bracket). Is this normal for a year old grill that is under cover? It was one of the higher end grills.


Definitely not normal! For sure you would expect to see some discoloration with use but certainly not rust.

If it's still under cover my advice is to get in touch with Brinkmann straight away and explain the situation.

We are fortunate these days to be able to send photographs via e-mail, get these prepared before you make the call so that you can send them over live whilst you're on the call and get an immediate reaction. That way they have not time to think up a suitable response and try to wriggle out of their obligations.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Brinkmann are likely to shirk their responsibilities, it's just that I like to take a belt and suspenders approach right from the start.

Please do let us know if you don't get a satisfactory response (you can use the "add a comment link"), and I'll publish your comments - there's nothing like a bit of bad press to focus the mind! I hope that it won't be necessary.

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